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Jan 18, 1993 - 'Greens Jobs in Industry Plan' of ACTU and ACF...

On this day 24 years ago the faint hopes of ecological modernisation in Australia got a boost. As a article in Green Left Weekly reported… 343 more words

Carbon Tax Battle 94/95

Jan 13, 2009 - Aborigines to feel climate shift the most

On this day in 2009, an editorial report – Disproportionate burdens: the multidimensional impacts of climate change on the health of Indigenous Australians– in the Medical Journal of Australia about the impacts of climate warming for Aborigines living in report parts of Australia got at least… 156 more words

Ignored Warnings

Report from the EPA: Assessing the Multiple Benefits of Clean Energy- A RESOURCE FOR STATES

The title of this report speaks for itself. Check out Appendix A for dozens if not hundreds of case studies of clean energy initiatives categorized by state. 143 more words

1. ALL STATES Green Economy Resources

Risky Business Project- A Report on Investing in Clean Energy Report

Risky Business Project was founded by Michael R. Bloomberg, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., and Thomas F. Steyer in order to analyze the economic risks presented by climate change and find business opportunities to reduce the risks. 445 more words

1. ALL STATES Green Economy Resources

Philadelphia: Article on Green City, Clean Waters Project

An example of an article that highlights an exciting project to green Philadelphia, well under way, is by Pascal Mittermaler, who is the Managing Director for Global Cities at The Nature Conservancy.  392 more words

Green Jobs

Price Carbon, Governor

12/12/16 Monday Action: Tell Governor Baker we want a Carbon Fee and Rebate! A comment page is open NOW to influence the regulations that are about to be recommended by the administration. 566 more words

Climate Action

Ecology Action Centre has a Green Jobs Calendar (A we're in it!)

One of the things I wanted to write about here on Cocoa+ Green was green jobs. A few weeks back  a member of the Ecology Action Centre’s (EAC) Energy Team told me they were doing a calendar all about green jobs and asked if I’d be interested in featuring in it. 304 more words