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Boom towns

Bloomberg BusinessWeek March 16, 2018, article about Portland maine, Marietta Georgia, and Ames Iowa. They have low unemployment.


Gifts for Environmentalists

Many environmentalists struggle to strike a balance between abstaining from harmful corporate power structures & living a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, the seemingly endless supply of environmental dilemmas can be exceptionally draining to even the most motivated activists. 668 more words

Energy Efficiency Jobs at Verde

by Sarah Tag, SUST alum

Hello Roosevelt SUST majors and alumni!  Sarah Tag here, RU Sustainability Studies graduate (BA ’15), with a couple of job opportunities that I want to share.  320 more words


Duped: Canada's 'Green' Jobs Bonanza Turns Cruel Hoax

Hoodwinking its way around the globe, the wind industry always pitched the promise of building factories to locally manufacture blades or towers.

Over time, it’s turned out that such promises were just bait for the politicians they needed to sign over their constituents’ hard-won property rights, and to deliver the massive and endless subsidies that make this ‘industry’ tick. 436 more words

Big Wind Industry

Is a Green Job or Business Right for You?

Originally Published: 04/25/2013 04:58 pm ET │Updated Jun 25, 2013

By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad

Economic recovery is evading our most struggling populations with African-American and Latino unemployment still nearly twice the national average. 498 more words

Fall 2018 Course Preview for SUST 390 – Introduction to Geographic Information Science

The Sustainability Studies program is offering an exciting new course in Fall 2018 on Geographic Information Science (GIS). GIS is a software application that allows us to visual data, ask questions, and conduct analysis so that we can better understand relationships and patterns in our world. 405 more words


Transition to Sustainability and Jobs - Four quantitative employment effects

The commitments made in Paris require a closer look at the quantitative and qualitative jobs dimension of the just transition to sustainability. In schematic terms, it is possible to anticipate four quantitative… 554 more words