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Clean your innards and stop being so hangry!

It’s easier than you think to live a fabulous life full of love, happiness and joy. 

It’s especially easy when you fill your tummy with life giving,  health producing, vitamin and nutrient rich natural foods, because our emotions are dictated by our sense of well-being. 325 more words

Go Green!

The perfect Brunch

I love birthdays, I always have, I always will, buying presents, wrapping them perfectly , celebrating with champers, I love them, I am a birthday addict.. 329 more words

Loosing weight! My Tips & Tricks!

First off let me state that I am in absolutely no way, shape or form a health care expert. I’m not medically or physically trained in weight loss or nutrition. 1,382 more words


Power Green Smoothie

Every morning before my real breakfast, I have one of these. Super refreshing and energizing.

Power Green Smoothie

(Blended on high power in a Vitamix) 29 more words


I'm Juicing... AGAIN!

I originally began my juicing journey in the Summer of 2013, At the time, I had recently moved out of an apartment I shared with a horrible person and moved in to my own apartment. 226 more words


Green juice with watermelon rind and chlorella

Argh!!! This blog post has been sitting in “drafts” for ages. New job, demanding toddler and other things that keep me in the present moment means blog posts tend to languish in drafts or floating round my head! 872 more words


More Green Juice please!

check this one out detoxers : www.siquri.com
I’ll prep our juices with this machine, during our Chlorophyl Experience – NEW technology that keeps all the benefits so much longer alive than old school blenders. 49 more words