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Kale Green Juice

I LOVE kale… There is no other vegetable I love as much. Honestly. And I only discovered it about 4 years ago in Ireland. Now we are growing it in our garden in Switzerland. 29 more words


The Healthy Green Juice For a Better Health

Green juice is a convenient and quick way to get an energizing hit of phytonutrients all those good-for-you vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and antioxidants. A well-made green juice is full of detox-boosting properties and is a convenient way to increase your consumption of greens. 319 more words

Green Juice

Raw beetroot and orange juice

Fresh beetroot out of the garden juiced with oranges…delicious, fresh and packed full of nutrients!  😊

2 beetroots

4 oranges

juice, pour and share!  Mmmm enjoy! 😀


Banana and spinach smoothie

Banana addict! Lol!

Banana, spinach and ginseng powder smoothie for my morning dash out the door with the dogs!  Good food – good energy!  ❤️  Ginseng is supposedly great for an energy boost! 35 more words


Purple kale and apples

Purple kale but it actually juices green, it just has a beautiful purple outer colour!  Which I’m sure is packed full of powerful antioxidants and all sorts of goodness.   34 more words


Green Juice

My Favourite Green Juice

How often do you walk around in the mall around snack time, and think to yourself: “hmmm, I would love a smoothie right now!”? 435 more words


Review: The Mae Deli

Chew on this:

You are sitting on a comfortable couch, reading through the eloquence of Thomas Hardy and suddenly someone offers you dessert. Dessert? Your mind buzzes as you recognize the lack of real after-meal sweets ever since you relinquished refined sugar from your diet. 1,213 more words