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Q&A: Patient Advocate, Jorge - Finding Out I had Type 2 Diabetes

We had the lovely opportunity to interview Jorge, a husband, father and small business owner who has lived with Type 2 Diabetes for the past four years. 402 more words

Green Tropical Smoothie w/ Tea!

Spring is here and the opportunity to kick our healthy lifestyle into high gear is here. We have a clean slate and it is up to us to start this year off strong! 191 more words

Got juice?

“Everything but the kitchen sink.”  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  Well, that’s exactly what went in my juice today, because I used all the ingredients I had sitting in my fridge {sans the eggs and condiments}.   204 more words


Calcium-Rich Morning Green Juice

A question commonly posed to a vegan is, ‘if you don’t drink milk, where do you get your calcium?’  My answer…leafy greens, broccoli, tofu, almonds and the list goes on.  279 more words


PSA: This is Why Users Don't Want to Use Your App

The average smartphone user engages with 9 apps per day and 30 apps per month. Wouldn’t it be nice for your company’s app be one of those 9? 507 more words

Fiber TIDAK mengenyangkan , cuma RASA kenyang

Fibre..these is why you feel full. Kenyang sebabya..fibre ni menolong anda untuk merasa kenyang.. but the problem is…organ anda sebenarnya ‘tidak kenyang’..mereka memerlukan sebanyak yg mungkin nutrient untuk beroperasi dan untuk membentuk cell dan tissue baru.. 162 more words

Fat Burning Juice Recipe

This powerful juice will detoxify your kidneys while burning fat!