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Eric & Katelyn Rau

I photographed my very first weddings back in 2012/2013. They were small and informal, a good place to start getting my feet wet. Then I took a step back for a few years from shooting weddings so that I could hone my skills to where I wanted them to be. 341 more words


February's Browns and Grays

“January and February are my favorite months.  I like the bare branches of trees, structure become visible, and the subtle colors, all sorts of varieties of browns and grays that are seen only at this time of year, brought into focus by the pellucid light that is as close an analogy as I know to the silence out of which my work emerges.” 42 more words


S.K. Epperson 'Green Lake' Review

I’m cognizant of the fact that I haven’t reviewed a novel positively in quite some time. Truly, I’m not a negative person, though if you’ve read my posts on HNR you could rightly accuse me of having a rather… 460 more words

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the old oatmeal magic,,,

on KBrown clay; you can see it looking closely, the oatmeal over FG with black bottom. should have gone harder on the oatmeal i/o dipping lightly. dunking would have done it.

crazy plant growth

old toast pitcher with hiliter yellow x 2