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ICYMI: Awkward Justice League Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving at the Justice League of America household and things are just as awkward for them as they might be for your family. Join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more as they give thanks.

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Green Lantern: Revis May Be A Mere Mortal, But He's Still Better Than Most

By Jeff Capellini

Darrelle Revis is actually being viewed by some as a has-been right now.

Slow your roll, folks. It’s too soon for that kind of talk. 1,383 more words


Capellini: Nielsen, Okposo Turning Up The Financial Heat On Islanders

By Jeff Capellini

At some point, the Islanders are going to have to make decisions on Frans Nielsen and Kyle Okposo.

They won’t be easy. 1,381 more words


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‘m not sure a cover like this could get published these days even if Eclipso is to blame.