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Are You Having An Eco Breakfast Today?

Breakfast is one of the more difficult times of day, as it’s easy for me to fill up on coffee and forget to have something in my tummy before lunchtime. 87 more words



Keeping in mind my last two posts mentioning plastic waste, when I read a Guardian article today titled ‘Swedish Supermarkets Replace Sticky Labels With Ease Marking… 225 more words


How to be green in Twenty-Seventeen

Whether you’re a subscriber to New Year’s resolutions or not, there’s always a little voice in the far-reaching, hungover corners of your January blues-ridden brain that is tempted to make that three-point list in your new shiny diary you got for Christmas… 587 more words


“When it comes to the facts of increasing climate disruption due to our human impact on the earth, there is an ethical obligation to respond. Those who actively give voice to or just passively live out their denial actually support the ongoing human violence to the land and clean air.” – Per Epson Stoknes, 

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 Piccalilly Organic Children Clothing Review : a delightful Rainbow in the British sky

Last year has been rich for us in new experiences, new discoveres and in the middle of all the excitement, we have been proud to be Brand Embassadors for Piccalilly. 565 more words


Back To Basics

Going green isn’t always easy, especially when everything “mainstream” is a chemical substitute, and all the natural options barely have any commercials. But then, it occurred to me that commercials shouldn’t be the deciding factor in making any purchase. 764 more words

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Infographic - how is wind energy harvested?

Go Green Infographics: Infographic – how is wind energy harvested? Vía Green Living 4 Live here http://ift.tt/2iq0yfH Found more at http://ift.tt/1NeJ6D6