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Why Even the God-Fearing Should Believe It’s Up to Us to Halt Climate Change

God’s creation is on the brink of destruction, potentially at biblical proportions. Scientists say we have as little as three years to stabilize the climate or risk environmental catastrophe. 302 more words

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How to be a trusted messenger on climate change

A recent study indicates that only 40 percent of Americans believe that they will be harmed personally by climate change. Instead, most of us view climate change as a phenomenon that will affect people in another region or a future generation. 831 more words

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Outdoor recreation can't beat the heat of climate change

In Montana and similar big-sky places across the U.S., outdoor recreation is core both to the local economy and a way of life. Climate change is beginning to undermine this as it alters the natural systems and habitats that outdoor recreation depends upon.  932 more words

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Can Hollywood save us from climate catastrophe?

By taking on the link between football and brain injuries, the recently released movie “Concussion” reminds us of the potential for Hollywood to shape attitudes and beliefs about controversial topics through entertainment. 749 more words

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The Greening of America's Hospitals

In the past, I’ve written a great deal about the healthy hospital movement, green hospitals and the importance of creating healthy environments for patients, family members and hospital employees. 124 more words


Assessing the Prospects of Green Marketing in India

Dr. Rouf Ahmad Rather


Department of Commerce and Management

Gandhi Memorial College  Srinagar , J & K


The word “eco-friendly” has become a slogan of today’s marketing practices of different companies throughout the world. 1,845 more words

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Green Marketing Has Big Benefits

Green Marketing Has Big Benefits

Green marketing is an effective way to promote your business, with benefits for everyone involved. And though you may think of “going green” with your small business as difficult or even expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised at how extensive those big benefits can be. 1,802 more words

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