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OTTAWA — A few dozen Environment Canada bureaucrats gobbled up nearly $80,000 worth of fine French food during last fall’s climate change summit in Paris while the rest of the Canadian delegation — 128 people — had to scrape by with $49,000 worth of food during the two-week confab. 153 more words


The Moral & Spiritual Case for Dr. Jill Stein

After enduring two major party conventions and weeks of campaigning, the choice seems clear: do we want a President who will persecute undocumented immigrants and people of color here at home, or a President who will drop bombs on… 385 more words


Canadian Toast

Canada’s left is making itself irrelevant and paving the way for a lopsided two-party system that Justin Trudeau could dominate for the foreseeable future. What else can we make of the very public meltdowns this year of the federal NDP and Green parties? 148 more words


Cheap Energy?

You may be surprised to learn that electricity is now cheaper to generate in Ontario than it has been for decades. The wholesale price, called the Hourly Ontario Electricity Price or HOEP, used to bounce around between five and eight cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), but over the last decade, thanks in large part to the shale gas revolution, it has trended down to below three cents, and on a typical day is now as low as two cents per kWh. 189 more words


Green Party Blues

OTTAWA — The “Rising Star” award at the Green Party’s convention last weekend was awarded to an ex-candidate who didn’t attend and says she recently decided to quit the party. 102 more words


Rooted in Sustainability

Have you ever experienced a moment that ignites your passion for a cause? Have you ever had a cause you are so passionate about that all you want to do is find more people who feel the same was as you? 247 more words

Green Living

Classic SciFi 8: Ursula Le Guin The Word for World is Forest

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