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The "Green" word

Following much of anything has never been my thing. Whenever the masses go “to”, I’d naturally¬†go “fro” without much thought. It hasn’t necessarily been because I just have this thing about being a rebel, it’s more about finding my own way, within my own timeframe, with a “Kristine” stamp on it. 1,246 more words


Holy Crappola!

Last week, I sat down and had a date with Google. My mission was to find where my nearest landfill is since I realized I have never seen a landfill in my home state. 182 more words

Green Movement

What is Your Locavore Grade?

Since I have started my new job last month, I have been eating salad every day at lunch. I’ve been very interested in calculating my locavore grade for my lunch and my snack choices seeing as most of the ingredients are not in season where I live and some don’t even grow in this country. 385 more words

Climate Change

A Value is Not A Moral Imperative

In recent years the conservation / green movement has been adopted by large segments of evangelicalism and the Church of Rome has put out several encyclicals in support of the movement. 1,073 more words


Cave Paintings and Elementary Science

This is a travel story of sorts, of travel through time, to an extent. Be patient.

Directly to the west of Marseille, the second largest city in France are a series of beautiful, narrow coves, like fjords, situated in a sort of desert. 758 more words

Current Events

Would YOU Put Your Name Down?

See that flame?

That’s about the size of my raging hatred for this misinformation. I cannot sit here and not share with you my WTF moments when I saw this tweet. 321 more words

Climate Change

Be a Better Foodie

Am I a foodie?! According to the high and mighty Urban Dictionary, I am! I’m not really a foodie by choice. I’m more of a foodie out of necessity. 797 more words

Climate Change