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The Other Green Movement - By Emily Burlinghaus  April 27, 2017

Renewable Energy’s Prospects in Iran

After years of exclusion from the global financial system, Iran is pushing foreign firms to invest in its massive oil and gas holdings… 224 more words

Point Of Interest

Earth Day and The New Reality of April Showers

A few years ago, I wrote about April showers as a time for inspiration and poetry.  I even posted a reminder on face book this year to look up some favorite poets.  241 more words

Green Movement

Green Mania

That Justin Trudeau is a genial and pleasant-tempered man may not be “a truth universally acknowledged,” but that he is as close to that perfect status as any human being is likely to get is not a proposition inviting dissent. 280 more words



All forms of carbon pricing are mere cash grabs by government unless they succeed in changing human behaviour.

Carbon taxes and cap and trade (a carbon tax by another name) do nothing to address man-made global warming on their own. 156 more words


Living in Poverty

A December 7th, 2016 CBC article by John Paul Tasker caught my attention this morning on Twitter (H/T @PipelineAction). It had the title “ 231 more words


Big Scam

There’s a reason why there isn’t widespread support in Manitoba for a carbon tax, even among those in favour of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s because the proposed tax is a scam. 243 more words


A Subjectively Better World

The inequality fostered in modern markets is well documented and has been denoted and analyzed ad nauseam by experts and students alike. Despite the existing flaws, the general principle has been that capitalism, adopted across the world to create global trade routes and financial systems, provides a greater overall benefit for more than engaging in protectionist tendencies that look inward to solve problems. 846 more words