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There is no such thing as a wasted vote

This presidential election is looking to be like one for the ages.  We’ve got a political dynasty in Hillary vs the Republican outsider in Trump.  The upcoming debates are sure to be entertaining if nothing else.   414 more words

The Peril and Promise of Democracy

It’s been a while since I’ve written for the blog, and in particular, about the election. Honestly, it has depressed me more than anything. Even if he wins California, Bernie Sander’s electoral chances are nil, making Hillary the presumptive Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump has unfortunately become the presumptive Republican nominee. 1,080 more words


Only three parties recognizing IS' crimes as genocide

When the Swedish parliament debated the issue of recognition of the genocide that IS is behind on minorities, such as Christians and others, only three parties voted for a recognition. 324 more words


Green candidate wins Austrian election

The newly elected Austrian President, Alexander Van der Bellen ran as an independent, but was financially backed up by the Green Party, which he had previously been a leader of.  382 more words


Corbyn is winning the fight against Cameron

Corbyn is winning the fight against Cameron

Defund. Deregulate. Privatise.

The three watchwords for the reign of terror Cameron has unleashed on Britain’s workers. But, even though none of us are yet out of the woods, there are signs that Labour, the Greens, and other socially democratic parties are making headway. 748 more words


Lies, More Lies and Damned Statistics ...

It is becoming clear that our European Members of Parliament are now preparing the ground for the implementation of TTIP at the end of December and it is very interesting to watch this from a distance (in other words I’m not involved in having to directly implement this piece of legislation, although will be affected by it). 1,064 more words

Democratic Rights