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The Greens and The War On Drugs

This party has similar beliefs to those of the Libertarian Party when it comes to the War on Drugs. They also believe that all nonviolent criminals that were arrested for drug use should be given free support in order to help them with their conditions and as well as jobs so they can support themselves.

Green Party

The Greens and Foreign Policy

This party wants to pull all of our troops on of other countries and disband the military during times of peace. They also wish to have nonviolent peace talks with other nations.

Green Party

Still a little green...The new Green Party leader attempts to censor the press from revealing that many of the 'child' refugees arriving in Britain were surely adults

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The Green party has complained to the press censor IPSO over the use of pictures of refugees by the Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star and Sunday Telegraph.Although it was absolutely obvious that some of the ‘children’ were many years into adulthood, Jonathan Bartley, who co-heads the Green party, has asked the Independent Press Standards Organisation whether the titles were justified in printing images of refugees in Calais whom were claiming to be under 18.

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PCC Press Complaints Commission

should it be Heathrow?

Living within 2 miles of the main approach to Gatwick you’d think I’d be glad that Heathrow has been nominated as venue for a further London airport expansion. 136 more words


If voting is not the answer then what is?

Throughout the British politics system there is a hierarchy, with the Conservative and Labour party being right at the top and parties such as Green and Plaid Cumry right at the bottom. 796 more words

#Axe Drax Protest at Drax Power Station marks 10 years since first Climate Camp

We joined more than 60 people from across the UK and across the climate movement in an #Axe Drax  protest at Drax Power Station on… 386 more words