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Socialist Alternative: Gary Johnson Is Not The Third Party Candidate You're Looking For

(The following was originally published on the Socialist Alternative website.)

With Hillary Clinton failing to provide a genuine voice for the 99% against Donald Trump’s bigoted fake-populism, a left-wing third-party candidate like Jill Stein can act as an important pole of attraction for a section of workers and youth sick and tired of the status quo. 180 more words

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Green Papers: Why a vote for Jill Stein is not a “wasted” vote

(The following was originally published in Green Papers.)

Green Party of Ohio
By Bob Fitrakis & Suzanne Patzer
September 29, 2016

Voters beware! Don’t let mainstream shills for the Democratic Party masquerading as non-partisan progressive journalists or pundits bully you into believing you can’t decide for yourself or that the fallout from your vote will topple our nation. 194 more words

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Who will I vote for in November?

This election season, much like those in the past, is a struggle for me. I am the type of person who tries to look genuinely at all of the candidates and party platforms before making a decision. 1,435 more words

The only way to win? Jeremy Corbyn and a Progressive Alliance

The only way to win? Jeremy Corbyn and a Progressive Alliance
by Ian Sinclair

Morning Star
29 September 2016

With Jeremy Corbyn winning his second leadership election with an even bigger mandate than the first, it’s time to look ahead to the next General Election. 776 more words

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Green Parties aren't so Green

By @TakeThatGMOs

In this publishing, I will focus on Green parties and environmentalism, and how green parties get environmental protection wrong.

What are Green parties? 1,042 more words


Politico: Clinton's third-party headache

(The following was originally published in Politico.)

Polls show younger voters are taking a long look at the Libertarian and Green Party nominees this year. 149 more words

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Jill Stein Editorial in The Hill, The Debate Through the Green Party Lens

(The following was originally written by Green Party presidential nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, and published in The Hill.)

Despite the efforts to silence the competition for the two establishment parties by excluding us from the televised presidential debates, we were able to reach millions of voters with our message using the open Internet and a cutting edge social media campaign. 110 more words

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