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Greens on RMA

Green co-leader Metiria Turei has spoken up about National’s proposed Resource Management Act reforms, expressing concerns that ‘people’ and ‘neighbours’ won’t get to have their say adequately. 635 more words


The Global Climate Justice Movement

Two nights ago, the New Plymouth Green Party and Climate Justice Taranaki sponsored the showing of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. We used the Tugg… 296 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

Åsa Romson and "the tears of a Green"

Åsa Romson’s “tears” for taking the decisions she took have received much attention. But it is not about the decisions this post is concerned with. It is about the behaviour of a politician who wishes to escape responsibility when making unprincipled decisions. 267 more words


A Sketch, About, Profile, Bios

I was trying to come up with a profile description for my Twitter account. It was becoming more difficult than I would have guessed.

I wanted one that wasn’t overly clever or aggressively absurdist like the Black Metal Cats (@evilbmcats) account I follow, “De mysteriis dom sathanas cattus” or Dan Harmon’s (@danharmon) “grappenmaker; boulevardier; I take four deep four second breaths four times a day and it makes me better than you so eat it.” Both of which I like but just can’t bring myself to imitated. 646 more words


Swedish Greens abandon their principles just to remain in government

In the face of the massive stream of asylum seekers, the decisions by the Swedish government to now only offer temporary residence permits, to insist on identity checks at the borders and to return those without identification to the EU country they are coming from (Denmark and Germany in the main), are only just common sense. 693 more words


Getting NOTA on UK ballot papers now official Green Party policy!

So – it took a while but the Green Party of England and Wales have now finally got back to me with full clarification of where they stand on the issue of NOTA. 746 more words

Press Release: Trudeau Holds First Ministers’ Meeting

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is hosting a First Ministers’ Meeting today with provincial and territorial Premiers to discuss the country’s strategy to fight climate change. 394 more words

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