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Jill Stein BLASTED the DNC Over Leaked Emails

Green Party presumptive nominee Jill Stein says WikiLeaks’ explosive new release of Democratic National Committee emails prove the Democratic Party intentionally sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Stein is urging Sanders to withdraw his endorsement of Hillary Clinton and explore collaboration with the Green Party. 673 more words

Green Party sanctioned over misleading campaign material in Victoria

The Green Party has had its hands slapped by Canada Elections for distributing a flyer during last fall’s federal election which used polling data which wasn’t supposed to be made public. 235 more words


Voting out of Fear

A common argument in both of the Big Two camps is that a vote for anyone other than their candidate will result in the ‘other’ candidate winning. 1,377 more words

Government Abuse

Jill Stein Ratchets Up Pseudoscience Concerns, Actually Thinks Party Difference is “Window Dressing”

In a 2013 speech, Jill Stein calls for the imprisonment of GMO producers based on discredited claims, ignores the environmental damage that would produce, and says the difference between the major parties is mere “window dressing” . 1,252 more words


The Left Will Only Win the Argument When It Takes Back Control of the Conversation

Let the Left fracture into smaller pieces, and then let it unite in a coalition determined to change the minds of the voters

Oliver Lewis Thompson… 1,780 more words