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If your pet is a part of your family, shouldn’t he be as green as you are? With a few simple changes, you can reduce your environmental paw print and create a healthy, happy and sustainable companion. 880 more words

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Re-Train Your Brain!

Is anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed with going green? There’s so much to think about!

You start out by deciding to get healthy, even though you thought you were doing a good job, when you realize that in buying vegetables, you now have to think about if they are genetically modified, because if they are, they only carry about 20% nutritional value, so you really aren’t getting the nutrients you need for your money… and you can’t eat them anyway, because once you understand what GMO’s truly are,  they scream “POISON” at you —  so as you educate yourself more and more, and move away from eating GMO’s, you find out that organic whole foods make you feel amazing but are a bit more expensive. 695 more words

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Green Food for Sammy

In my search to eat a better diet, it’s also weighed on my mind that my gorgeous cat (Sammy, named after Sammy Hagar because my husband is the biggest Van Halen fan!) should eat healthy too! 362 more words

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Did You Know: Pets Can Go Green Too!

The green scene has gone beyond gardens—it now includes litter boxes and doggie treats. This Earth Day, you don’t need a green thumb to help the planet. 476 more words

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A Sunday Sammy Adventure

This week’s post was to discuss green collars for our animals but I thought this entry might save a pup or two from getting seriously hurt or even worse…Trying to be a good mom to Sammy, I often take him to Romp & Roll twice a month.  517 more words

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Welcome to Terra FURma!

Part I of the Sammy Saga

I had a few dogs growing up but that was back in the 70’s and 80’s – many moons ago.  297 more words

Pet Adoption

Top Eleven Harmful Foods You Should Not to Give Your Green Pet Cats

Feeding your cats unintentionally with your food can cause vomiting, diarrhea, illness and death. It may also lead to bad behaviors like begging, an unhealthy weight, and little room for their own nutrient-rich foods. 273 more words

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