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Dancing with trees

Come play by the light of a beautiful moon;

‘cos when lunacy comes it’s never too soon.

Dance ‘mongst the trees by the light from above; 48 more words


At times I like the open way; where all tracks are clear.

At other times I want to know Gaia holds me near.

Then there are times when paths are closed… 93 more words



I look around, what do I see;

a human tide washing over me.

A flood that overwhelms us all,

humans flourish in Gaia’s fall.

On the crest of the wave me all ride; 162 more words

Green Poetry

The Dream

The Dream

Hold my hand and we will go
to places only fairies know.
Beneath the green-striped lily leaf
beside a nest the robin weaves. 128 more words

Green Poetry

The Woods With No Name

The Woods With No Name

Morning coffee and my attempt to think of news as stones
that I can shake through a screen to separate… 241 more words

Green Poetry

Fog Haiku

settling around us
the white world of the new day
the mists shroud all life

walking in clouds
the whiteness of a new day
mist blankets my path… 23 more words

Green Poetry

On Fire Orange Legs



Rock Wall in Suburban Woods

Stones in the wall nest with each other
as communion comes in touch and quiet.

The moss earns its way in solace… 163 more words

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