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Fog Haiku

settling around us
the white world of the new day
the mists shroud all life

walking in clouds
the whiteness of a new day
mist blankets my path… 23 more words

Green Poetry

On Fire Orange Legs



Rock Wall in Suburban Woods

Stones in the wall nest with each other
as communion comes in touch and quiet.

The moss earns its way in solace… 163 more words

Garden Writers We Love

April Musings

April Musings

No rain today, a break
from weeks of showers.
A slight headache.

I could have raked up
alder catkins or
plucked off spent daffodils. 185 more words

Garden Writers We Love


In an empty void
Of greyness
All voices receding
Faces fading into
The vast depths
Of hollow echoes
Memories assuming forms
Of the faceless abyss… 12 more words

Fox on the Dock in Vermont's Early April

Fox on the Dock in Vermont’s Early April

She called to say the dogs took over the night,
four outrages barking at doors and scratching windows. 185 more words

Garden Writers We Love

Maple Bacon March Morning

“A Carrion Crow Under Snow in Annecy” by Pierre Selim, via Wikimedia Commons.

Maple Bacon March Morning

A towhee’s red-rim eye caught sun yesterday,
relentless before the rain followed up… 109 more words

Garden Writers We Love


Alone now flies the flocking bird

and less now is Dawn’s Chorus heard.

The world we knew crumbles to nought;

exhausted by life’s battles fought… 112 more words

Green Poetry