Tags » Green Poetry.

Thoughts of the dawn

At dawn the sun kisses the day
and signals time for life to play.
Yet one more tune to all that’s true;
to mountains high and oceans blue. 216 more words



Snow peaks rise like breasts
Nurturing the land beneath.
The sustenance of Mother Earth;
Life, Birth, Death, Infinity.


Ebb & Flow

Ends come and go;
life’s ebb and flow.
Like peaks aglow;
sun on winter snow.
Springtime rivers flow;
where did Winter flow.


Celebrating the Dawn

I love the early morning; the sunrise from the train.
The brilliant hue of sun on clouds; its pink and orange stain
that speaks to us of rebirth; earth once again reborn. 83 more words


Our Nature 2

Fueled by the fire of insatiable greed
we wander the earth seeking yet one more feed.
The cultures consumed, the wildness laid bare
to us simply profit – a part of life’s fare. 100 more words


Our Nature

Fueled by the fire of insatiable greed
I see in their eyes unquenchable need
built on expectations that cannot be met
and rules all unwritten but so firmly set… 93 more words


What to do today?

There’s healing out there in the hills
much stronger than the strongest pills.
Just put your foot down – that’s a start,
then let them wander with your heart. 71 more words