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meteor shower
June drizzle
gift wrap
birthday candle
one wish
wind blow
seed sow
root raceway
green sprout
bean stalk
giant’s head… 74 more words

Garden Writers We Love

Blueberries, Bluetinis, and one Blue Boa

Blueberries: Round on My Mind

You can buy blueberries. I spend a year
growing perfect ones.

Willing cross pollination and begging sun.
Prune dead twigs in March, fertilize… 114 more words

Garden Writers We Love

Ocean Haiku

The waves are crashing

wildly with the oceans tide.

Thunder from the sea.

Green Poetry

Green Thumb

Green Thumb

We share the opposable thumb with the great apes
and in none of us is it cast in green.

The green I claim is a dream, 232 more words

Garden Writers We Love


There’s nought more obscene

than an earth that’s not green

and a world filled with greed

on Nature does feed

so let’s not leave a mark where we’ve been.

Green Poetry


The creaking in the branches spoke of days now long since past

and the wisdom of its age drawn in the shadow that it cast. 118 more words


Rain Songs

In Colorado we’re getting some much needed moisture this week, so I thought I’d share this weather-appropriate poetry comic by one of my favorite authors, Jessy Randall. 72 more words