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My leaves are gone;
my branches bare.
My bark is showing!
Please don’t stare.

—Lauren McBride

* * *

Lauren McBride finds inspiration in faith, nature, science and membership in the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA). 66 more words

Green Poetry

A Whistle Broke

A Whistle Broke

Deep down in the woods a whistle broke
loose and tensed the dog, tail a-wave
for a parade she ached to join. 99 more words

Green Poetry

Fall Magic


Now summer with her raging heat,

Withdraws her arms from panting earth,

The night descends, it seems at midday

Wrapping our world in darkened veils… 240 more words

Green Poetry

After the 2016 Election

The Day I Helped Lop Ten Thousand Rosebushes

November 9, 2016

Wind pruning we call it. Taking the garden down
to wrist high so when the winter winds blast… 183 more words

Green Poetry

This crumbling land

Alone now flies the flocking bird

and less now is Dawn’s Chorus heard.

The world we knew crumbles to nought;

exhausted by life’s battles fought… 112 more words

Green Poetry

Queen of the Nightshades

Poem note: I’ll be eating the last garden-fresh ripe tomato later this week—Cherokees ripened on the kitchen table. The race is on—last tomato or last rose. 247 more words

Green Poetry

A Nations Pride

I heard their words; the Bushman’s a art.

Those ballad’s come straight from the heart.

They tell of trial and tribulation;

the deeds that made this, our great Nation. 162 more words