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Reduce and Reuse in the Kitchen

While recycling is better than sending more trash to the landfills, reducing and reusing first is even better for the environment.  Since most trash and recycling revolves around the kitchen, I’ll focus on that area. 741 more words


Light Bulbs!

I’ve never given much thought to light bulbs.  They are only something you think about when they are not working properly. They are like an offensive lineman in football.  474 more words

General Interest

Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the sum of all the energy required to produce any goods or services, considered as if that energy was incorporated or ’embodied’ in the product itself. 447 more words

Green Buildings

Importance of Cross Ventilation

In Green Buildings emphasis is given to utilize renewable energy sources and natural ventilation rather than mechanical ventilation. I came across a plan a few days back which had windows and doors but didn’t follow the principal of cross ventilation. 729 more words


Food for thought !

Today I happened to order some Pizzas from Dominoes and we got it home delivered.I got it hot and fresh in the cardboard box.So basically I ordered Pizza and got Pizza and a Box.After half an hour or so the Pizza was in my stomach but do you know what happened to the box?It got dumped in the trash as it got dirty and was of no use to me. 196 more words


Food Tank 20 Books to Read (and More)

Our friends at Food Tank – one of the best  and most thoughtful web sites on the Internet – offers a sampler of 20  interesting and thought-provoking books that will take you from planting to harvest time.  231 more words