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Hands, Faces, Bottoms, and Green Yachting Parties

Have I talked about the new napkins in my shop? They are my favorite and my most-used item that I sell now that my youngest has grown out of… 227 more words


Wanessa Pence Interview

Title: Owner, President

Company: Wanessa-Sue, Inc.

Location: Kingman, AZ

As the president of Wanessa-Sue, Inc., Ms. Pence is currently involved with manufacturing a green product for savings of up to 50-60 percent on energy. 32 more words


Live a Greener Life in 2017!

Most of us have come to rеаlizе аt ѕоmе stage оf оur lifе thаt using nаturаl рrоduсtѕ has gоt tо bе bеttеr for uѕ thаn аll thе сhеmiсаllу, mаnufасturеd products on the mаrkеt. 686 more words

Lavender Lane ~ Wool Dryer Balls

In my continued efforts to save money and be kinder to the environment, I have started using wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets. I attempted to make my own a few years ago but failed pretty miserably. 509 more words

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Finding The Green Market

On this third day of the year, I am finding myself making lists and lists of what I need to do to accomplish my New Year’s resolutions (I’m a list person) and most of my bullet points seem to involve buying something or other. 713 more words


Evaluating the Nursery

Today I’ll be evaluating how I’m doing with baby stuff. Am I making frugal and/or green decisions, or could I use some improvement? Let’s see. 1,136 more words


What's in your make up box?

I’m a huge fan of make up. I spend about half hour to an hour with my make up getting ready for work every morning. It’s definitely something that I am intimately acquainted with. 209 more words

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