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Why Regenerative Braking Works!

Regenerative braking is a mechanism that reduces vehicle speed by converting some of its kinetic energy into another useful form of energy. This captured energy is then stored for future use or fed back into a power system for use by other vehicles. 147 more words


3 Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Solutions

Everyone wants a clean home, but there shouldn’t have to be a environmental cost to live in comfort. Traditional products used to keep bathrooms and kitchens spotless are effective, but they also feature a litany of chemicals and materials that are harmful to the environment and sometimes even your health. 619 more words

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Q&A: AIM Members Commonly Ask These Questions

I have read that cruciferous vegetables can negatively affect those with hypothyroidism or those prone to hypothyroidism. Am I at risk when taking LeafGreens?

There has only been one case that links cruciferous vegetables to hypothyroidism in humans — an 88-year-old woman who ate 1-1.5 kilograms (2-3 pounds or 1,000- 1,500 grams) of bok choy daily. 244 more words


Mindful Homekeeping Series: Seventh Generation

If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know that we do try to reduce our negative environmental impact any way we can through things like  590 more words


Avocado Green Mattresses: Sleep Well, Sleep Green

A good mattress is key to having a peaceful night sleep and a “green mattress” is a dream team in the bedroom.

New Jersey-based Avocado have created a green and eco-friendly mattress using 100% natural latex rubber harvested from sustainable tree-tapped sources, natural Joma New Zealand wool, certified organic cotton and recycled steel-support coils. 359 more words

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Laundry Room Evaluation

Today I am evaluating how well I’m doing with green and/or frugal spending and habits in the laundry room. There are six of us here: two adults, two teens, one child and a baby (who wears cloth diapers). 572 more words


Clean and Green Laundry

I’ve searched high and low for a laundry solution that is effective on really stinky clothes, let alone eco-friendly and green. The Chef (a.k.a., my husband) is an Ironman and both my teens work out at least once daily. 677 more words

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