Seven days gluten free, caffeine free, processed food free...

I made it. One week adhering to all the no’s: No coffee. No caffeine. No gluten. No processed food.

After only one week, I can honestly say I feel better. 707 more words


TEA NEWS and TEA REVIEWS: Things are moving and shaking at Tea Studio

Website: Tea Studio
Twitter: @teastudio
Facebook: Tea Studio
Company location: London, UK

Exciting things are going on at Tea Studio. This month Whittington’s Tea Emporium (WTE) merged with Tea Studio. 747 more words

Black Tea

I'm fantasizing about cheating...

I awoke this morning to a windy, rainy Nantucket Sunday. As soon as that awareness penetrated my brain, I began to fantasize. Rolling out of bed. 315 more words


It's just not coffee.

I’m forcing myself to drink green tea.

Awoke this morning longing for a cup of joe in my hand. Strong. Bold. Black. Rousing. A jolt to the senses. 475 more words


Turning tea up to a calming notch...

I’m really becoming a big advocate of the freshly-brewed iced tea movement. While in childhood I did enjoy the mix (4C all the way), I am coming to find as I get older, I crave homemade iced tea more than water (only sometimes….er, maybe more than sometimes.) 314 more words


Healthy You Green Tea

It has led me to some interesting finds.

The first Healthy You product I bought was a coffee. Yesterday, I was looking for a green tea and happily I found this! 107 more words

Food Photography

TEA REVIEWS: New teas at Grey's Teas

Website: Grey’s Teas
Twitter: @greysteas
Facebook: Grey’s Teas
Company location: Warwick, UK

Started in 2000 by Richard Grey, a descendant of Earl Grey, Grey’s Teas carries over one hundred teas. 531 more words