Matcha Seller

Ini dia penjual matcha yang populer di Indonesia.




All About Matcha and Chocolate


Kali ini gue akan bahas matcha

Jaman sekarang kalo kemana-mana yang ada tulisan green tea atau matcha pasti laku, apalagi kalo ditambahin coklat. Bisa dibanyangin kan rasanya gimana.. 397 more words


Green Tea... Drink it

Hi friends,

I’m writing this post from my deck, it’s a whopping 80 degrees in Sausalito and I’m soaking up some serious sun. We don’t have any patio furniture, so I’m doing it beach style with an oversized towel, sun block, and a big mug of iced green tea. 112 more words

Green Tea

Getting Our Irish On!!

From green tea to little green shamrocks sprinkled on our cupcakes (with green frosting), we’re getting our Irish on here today for St. Patty’s Day! 327 more words


Differentiating between Facts and Myths for Green Tea.

Green Tea is considered to be one of the healthiest available beverages. In ancient China, green tea is said to be used as a cure for countless ailments and illnesses. 328 more words


Five Rules of Tea Storage to Swear By

Tea Storage takes certain skills as there are rules to be followed, and storing tea casually can strip tea of both its flavor and color. To ensure that the tea you bought retains its flavor and taste, stick to the following rules and enjoy your daily cup. 287 more words


Matcha-Culinary and Health Benefits

We’re getting ready for green baking on St. Patrick’s Day.  Since artificial food coloring isn’t used in any of our baking, the solution is Matcha, a Japanese pure tea leaf. 321 more words

Food Coloring