Recipe for Green Tea Citrus Cranberry Scones

Small pleasures are one of life’s great gifts. Holiday shopping, parties and extra work; there are so many things this time of year that can keep you from life’s simple pleasures. 412 more words

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A Sense of Sencha

Next to jasmine, sencha is my preferred choice of green tea. Both, however, are only as good as the source which leads the field wide open to disappointing results. 124 more words

Loose Leaf Tea

Hubei Province – Birthplace of Some Great Teas!

A lot of attention is paid to the teas from the Yunnan Province in our house, since many of them are made into pu-erhs (a tea style we especially like). 501 more words

Black Tea

Raspberry Matcha Cake

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Surprise Mom with something new this year. Treat her to a delicious, one of a kind dessert on her special day. 263 more words

Green Tea

A Taste of Spring: First Flush Dragonwell

It’s the beginning of spring, and in the tea world that means one thing: first flush teas! The first harvest, or “first flush” of the year yields the highest quality teas, both in taste and health benefits. 366 more words


Matcha Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a classic…buttery, sweet, & they pair perfectly with tea. Reinvent an old-time favorite by adding MATCHA!

It will add a gorgeous green hue, and turn your indulgent treat into a healthy one. 155 more words


Tips for Steeping Delicious Green Tea

We hear a lot of this and that about green tea from our customers. Most are thrilled to have discovered this lovely category of sweet, fragrant tea while others find it bitter and astringent or just plain unpleasant. 723 more words

Green Tea