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Cathode material with high energy density for all-solid lithium-ion batteries

FDK Corporation and Fujitsu Laboratories today announced that they have jointly developed lithium cobalt pyrophosphate (Li2CoP2O7), which has high energy density, for the cathode material of all-solid lithium-ion batteries (“all-solid-state batteries”). 93 more words

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15 ton supercomputer provides access to water, energy and the internet

A new machine called the Watly offers solutions to three of society’s most important challenges – ensuring access to clean water, sustainable energy generation and reaping the benefits of the evolving digital revolution. 32 more words

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Hydro storage can secure 100 percent renewable electricity

Pumped hydro storage can be used to help build a secure and cheap Australian electricity grid with 100 per cent renewable energy, a new study from The Australian National University (ANU) has found. 8 more words

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Why we need an 'energy Landcare' to tackle rising power prices

Rising electricity prices have become a fact of life in Australia – and are likely to be so for a few years to come.

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Latest in green tech - "hydrogen for sustainable air travel" - no, seriously

From the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS and the “those who don’t pay attention to history are condemned to repeat it” department. See the money quote about kerosene below, bold mine. 686 more words

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Solar-powered cinema opens in Burkina ahead of festival

A solar-powered cinema was unveiled in Burkina Faso Friday ahead of Ouagadougou’s hosting of Africa’s top film festival, even as movie theatres on the continent continue to disappear. 8 more words

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A Trifecta of Green Lunacy: The law of unintended consequences kicks in

Green Lunacy #1: £450 Million Lost Over Failed Green Power That Is Worse Than Coal
The Times, 23 February 2017
Ben Webster

Britain is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds subsidising power stations to burn American wood pellets that do more harm to the climate than the coal they replaced, a study has found. 902 more words