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Chinese market electrifying for 'green' cars

Government subsidies are fuelling a boom in electric vehicles in China, driving hopes for the industry’s global future as the world’s biggest car market offers economies of scale that could make the technology mainstream. 8 more words

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Obama seeks to double US funds for clean energy research

President Barack Obama on Saturday proposed doubling US funding over the next five years for clean energy research and development, as part of his ongoing effort to tackle climate change. 8 more words

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From allergens to anodes: Pollen derived battery electrodes

Pollens, the bane of allergy sufferers, could represent a boon for battery makers: Recent research has suggested their potential use as anodes in lithium-ion batteries. 8 more words

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Smart thermostat puts energy money saving at household fingertips

Researchers from the University of Southampton are aiming to develop a ‘smart’ thermostat to help UK households save money on their energy bills.

Source: Phys.org – Energy & Green Tech News

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New jet biofuel installation opens the door for a greener airline industry

The EU ITAKA project has provided a pioneering jet biofuel that will be used at Oslo’s principal international airport, a first for commercial aviation.

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Mapping website tells building owners if going solar is worth the cost of installation

Nations worldwide are increasingly embracing solar power as an alternative electricity source for homes, buildings, and even the grid. Since 2008, installed solar capacity in the United States alone has grown 17-fold, from 1.2 to 20 gigawatts (GW), according to the U.S. 11 more words

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Morocco launches first solar power plant

King Mohammed VI on Thursday inaugurated Morocco’s first solar power plant, a massive project that the country sees as part of its goal of boosting its clean energy output. 8 more words

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