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Tesla is tiny - so why is it worth $35 billion?

It’s still hard for me to understand Tesla’s market cap, currently $35B ($35,000,000,000). Sales of 11K units/quarter are still smaller than tiny (for an auto company). 92 more words

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Green Energy 'steals' from the Biosphere

An Opinion Piece by
Viv Forbes, BScAppGeol, FAusIMM
Scientist, mineral economist and grass farmer.

Earth has only three significant sources of energy.

First is geothermal energy from Earth’s molten core and decaying radioactive minerals in Earth’s crust. 903 more words


Open Lectures! Energy Descent Culture, Free 'INHABIT' Screening

Hi All-

We’d like to invite you to join with this June’s Permaculture Design Certification Course for a few evening sessions- free and open to the public- as always! 501 more words

New UN Climate Fund to Take Risks to Promote Green Tech

A new United Nations fund set up to help developing nations tackle climate change will take bigger risks than many international lenders to promote innovative green technologies, the head of the fund said on Friday. 41 more words


More Amazon customers push cloud giant to increase renewable energy use

Thousands of companies use Amazon Web Services to power their businesses. Last year the company claimed more than 1 million “active customers” of its cloud infrastructure in all. 361 more words


6 ways the Internet will change the global workforce

The Internet is continuing to grow, mostly through the use mobile devices. New data released gives a glimmer of how this growth will change the global economy and workforce. 332 more words


Save these other cars

Yesterday I linked a beautifully-written article on what cars are worth saving from their ICE. If you haven’t read it, it’s worth having a look because the fundamental premise is saving cars that had crap engines but were otherwise lovely. 535 more words

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