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Avoid sticky tape and use string for wrapping presents!

Use string instead of sticking tape for gifts

To save the planet, even in a tiny way, use string, ribbon or scraps of wool for wrapping gifts instead of tape. 130 more words

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Small kitchen appliances. Lamps. Chairs. Tools. Fans. Toys. Sports equipment. Clocks. Jewelry. Clothing.

Whatever you got, if it needs repairing or mending, bring it to the… 199 more words

Green Tips

Plastics Buildings for the Homeless ?

Recently, I came across this video which in short highlights an initiative to provide housing for homeless in Columbia by building 430sqft structures out of recycled plastic! 167 more words

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How to save a 100 trees….

Greening the Universe

We can help to save the planet even with the smallest changes to our life style.

The scary truth is that about 75 per cent of the water we use in our homes is used in the bathroom! 183 more words

Tips for smart watering that are good for gardens and utility bills

Last year saw the wettest winter and driest summer of the last 100 years. How can you have a lush and thriving lawn (or garden) this summer? 266 more words

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Greener light sources

Many of the new lamps in the market can be used in your old lighting fixtures. Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFL’s, are available in a full range of light levels, and are more efficient as they offer comparable light levels to the traditional incandescent light bulb, at half to one-third of the power consumption. 185 more words

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Green Tips

We love all things green so here’s a few green tips: Did you know starting a personal/community garden and buying local food makes a huge difference? 36 more words

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