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Being a Greener Artist - Part 1

Creating art isn’t always very environmentally friendly. Some mediums like oil paint, for example, require special disposal procedures in addition to being made with potentially toxic substances like cadmium. 1,195 more words


My Magical Mooncup Experience: And Why I am Ditching Disposables for Good

The Mooncup is a medical standard silicone menstrual cup, which doesn’t absorb, but collects your monthly lady dregs. After purchasing one quite some time ago, and glancing at it fearfully before hiding it away in its cosy cloth bag in a draw (have you seen how wide it is?!), I decided to ‘bite the bullet’, combat my fears and give it a go. 1,820 more words

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Magic always chooses the Small Fry for its visits!

Did you know that your smallest garden can attract wildlife as much as a huge one? In a survey of biodiversity in 61 private gardens ranging in size from 32-940sq m (344-10,000 sq ft) in the city of Sheffield in the UK, the researchers caught and counted an astonishing 40,000 individual invertebrates, and found nationally rare beetles, bugs, snails and flies, and a spider that had only previously been recorded on a mountain top! 49 more words

Window Coverings & Energy Saving Benefits [Infographic]

With the electricity bills skyrocketing, the major concern of the homeowner is energy consumption. But there is a simple way to cut back on the consumption, without having to spare much from your pocket. 207 more words


8 Easy Ways to Go Green in 2018

Welcome to 2018, and to my very first blog post. As it’s that time of year where most of us set new goals and make commitments to change something, I thought it rather fitting to do my first blog post about easy ways to go green this New Year. 781 more words

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Environmentally Friendly Christmas Toys

Ok. I will admit. I am not a big “brand” person. There are a bunch of companies I love but none I am married to. 234 more words

Little changes you can do to help save the environment

You may think that this post is not necessarily travel related, but I’ve come across most of these ideas while travelling around the city and even when hiking up mountains or visiting waterfalls. 788 more words

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