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9 Green Cleaning Tips For Whole House

9 Green Cleaning Tips For Whole House

Want to be Green? Start with cleaning your house.

Here are some tips which will help your house to be tidy and clean and will make you a bit more Green. 387 more words

Green Home Recipes

Go Green Week One

We are currently running a campaign which aims to change student lifestyles in 30 days, it’s called the 30 Day Go Green Challenge. The recruits are sent weekly emails with small tips and lifestyle changes they can make in order to become more environmentally friendly. 353 more words

Make Your Own Kitchen Garden


Spiralling vegetable prices which burn a hole in your pocket can be overcome if you exercise your green thumb.

It does not matter if you happen to live in a block of flats or in a home with very little or no garden space. 698 more words

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Follow Policy of Live and Let Live


Japan, one of the most advanced countries in the world is in doldrums today because it is not in tune with nature.

Geological studies have earmarked the region as “prone to earth quakes” yet man dared to brave the region’s seismic forces and unleashed his creativity in the region. 617 more words

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Add A Dash Of Green To Your Living Space


Brightly coloured plastics and brass containers are an option as they lend a touch of glamour to your green niche, apart from saving your precious flooring from getting soiled. 561 more words

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This Is For Green Thumbs


It is interesting to note that when children are asked to draw a house they invariably include a verdant garden in their picture, their landscapes are colourful and filled with mountains rivers, trees and flowers, but it appears that the future generations of youngsters may have a different picture to present. 609 more words

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Time To Spruce Up


Maintenance A newly built home is a thing of beauty. Over time, however, some aspects needs attention be it repair or replacement. A few tricks would keep the home functional for a long time, says Radha Prathi… 748 more words

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