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Climate change is causing extreme feminisation in green turtles

The climate is changing and so is the gender of sea turtles.

Sea turtles have temperature-dependent sex determination, which basically means that their gender at birth is determined by the incubation temperature when the mother lays her eggs at the nesting beach. 422 more words


Cooler Beaches better for Sea Turtles Survival ...

Nearly 90% of sea turtle nesting in the U.S. occurs in Florida. The nesting season runs from May through October where most of the turtles return to their home beaches to lay eggs. 368 more words


5 Things I Learned about Sea Turtles

  1. The hatchlings have to run from the shore to the water or they will get disoriented.  If they are released further out at sea, they will just swim back to the shore.
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How To: In-water sea turtling

Wednesday’s seem to be an incredibly exciting day of the week at the moment; Scrub one, Prickly Pear the next and this humpday was no exception. 1,316 more words

Kiholo turtle collage

Since this week’s WordPress photo challenge is ‘collage,’ I thought I’d see just how much I’ve forgotten about Photoshop Elements, or how much I never knew. 33 more words


Kiholo fish pond channel

About ¾ of a mile east of the parking area at Kiholo State Park Reserve is this channel or ‘auwai. It connects what remains of Kiholo fish pond with the ocean. 120 more words


Filming wildlife in the Galápagos Islands

Four months after returning from my expedition to the incredible Galápagos Islands, I finally got around to editing the 5 hours worth of footage which I filmed during my time there. 211 more words