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Green-Winged Teals

This gallery contains 2 photos. A male Green-Winged Teal enjoys the calm waters of Piper Spit/Burnaby Lake. Only at Burnaby Lake can we see these diminutive dabbling ducks (the smallest in North America) literally 126 more words


Ducks galore, part 3: Green-winged Teal

Green-winged Teal (female) | Sarcelle à ailes vertes | Anas crecca: As I’ve been saying for the past couple of days, I saw a number of returning fall ducks over a week ago (September 22, 2015) at the pond in Vancouver’s Jericho Park. 51 more words


Bird of the Week: Green-winged Teal

Identified best by the wing-shaped green crescent on the male’s head, this smallest of North America’s dabbling ducks is regularly seen on Cheyenne’s lakes. It eats insect larvae and seeds of grasses and sedges. 57 more words


Animals | A touch of green for the last day of ...

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Description from photographer if any:

… summer in the northern hemisphere.

By NiagaraMike

Source: 500px.com


duck, duck

Found some new (to me) visitors at the high school swimming pool. Actually it’s a field across from the school that floods every winter. ;) 10 more words


Mr. Teal

Although the swampy area of the park was dominated by American black ducks, one little Green-winged teal (Anas crecca) seemed to feel right at home among them. 11 more words