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In the Witch's Garden, April 25, 2015

The neighbors’ hybrid holly bush is blooming, and the blossoms are full of bees. I’m not sure what variety of holly this is, but it seems the seeds it drops produce the standard, spiky leaved variety of holly bush. 249 more words

Green Witchcraft

Leek and Potato Soup - With a Secret!

I’ve decided to be a good witch and share one of my secrets with You. I’ve held onto it long enough, and now it’s time for it to be set free, so that others may enjoy this better, improved, damnably delicious and enchantingly easy recipe for the good old leek and potato. 325 more words


Kitchen Witchcraft on a Budget

I was asked for advice on Tumblr as to how do some¬†kitchen witchcraft on a tighter budget, and I’ve decided to post it here as well. 477 more words


Oregon is an interesting place to be a witch. Our weather doesn’t line up neatly with the typical Wheel of the Year as presented in most books on Wicca and witchcraft. 510 more words


The Beauty of the In-Between

The best city parks are in-between places, where moss and mud meet asphalt and architecture. My favorite city park is actually more forest than city: at over 5,000 acres, Portland’s aptly named Forest Park is one of the countries largest urban forest reserves. 499 more words

The Green World

The Athame Debates

There’s a range of daggers suitable for use as athames at my Dad’s shop: http://www.spiral.org.uk/acatalog/Daggers.html ¬†

Out of all the numerous tools that Wiccans may use in their rituals, the athame seems to be one of the most important – and the most controversial. 978 more words

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