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Low Energy Spirit Companion Communication


  • Cup or container
  • Water


As often as possible. This is great to do every day. Doing this simple ritual every day during a low energy time can help keep you focused on a spiritual routine without the risk of burn out. 189 more words

Green Witchcraft

Forming Codes with Plants for Clear Communication

Plants (in my experience) communicate through feelings and imagery. I have found it to be helpful to develop a few code images with my plants to ensure certain messages reach me with more ease. 476 more words

Green Witchcraft

5 Crystals for Plant Magic

My mother is a Green Witch, whether she knows it or not. While lamenting her seeming lack of a green thumb, she somehow managed to turn our dying, neglected backyard into an oasis for her rabbits and a garden of herbs we use in our… 592 more words


7 Altar Ideas For Green Witches

Green witchcraft is deeply intertwined with nature. It is a winding, crooked and enchanting path that meanders along streams, wanders through parks and runs wild deep within the forest. 749 more words

Altars Or Sacred Spaces

Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism - Book Review

While eagerly anticipating the release of Daniel A. Schulke’s The Green Mysteries, I have been fortunate enough to receive a copy of Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism… 604 more words


The Magic of the Marimo

The folklore

If you would like to learn about the story behind the marimo, you should check this out right over here. The post describes the story told about the two lovers, the symbolism, and the more accurate mythology. 678 more words

Green Witchcraft

What is the Green?

The Green is a term I use to describe the realm of plants.

To enter the Green is to communicate with plants, to work on a wavelength and rhythm that you and the plants can understand. 137 more words

Green Witchcraft