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Off the Beaten Track: Exploring 3 Quiet Places in New York

By Alex Eggerking

Are you looking for somewhere new to explore? Or somewhere to take guests in town who think they have already seen everything there is to see in New York? 942 more words

New York

Rosemary's Baby

There’s a rare opportunity to buy a co-op apartment in The Dakota right now. I know this because an ad keeps finding me online this week telling me so; I don’t know who thinks I might want to buy a $1.8 Million one-bedroom on the eighth floor of a historic building – that’s not including the “maintenance fees,” which are higher than my rent in Brooklyn – but they should check their algorithm. 222 more words

A Frozen Zen Garden Awaits Someone

I don’t like it when the sky dumps over two feet of snow on a city and forces it to shut down; I love it… 673 more words

Brooklyn's Black History Month

Brooklyn neighborhoods are some of the most diverse in New York City and as we enter into Black History Month, here our top picks for educational experiences that celebrate black culture, influence and impact – because these histories are American history. 728 more words

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