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Unseen Green Chapel

A recent photo taken at the Green-Wood Cemetery Chapel with an fabulous installation by Aaron Asis. It was fabulous fun including a performance of minimal music.


Green-Wood Cemetery: High Society Haunts, Low Life Burials

In the 18th & 19th centuries travel wasn’t easy, especially if you had very little money. Hence the closest attractions were the most popular. Not surprisingly, Niagra Falls quickly became the #1 tourist attraction of North America. 851 more words

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Niblo’s Garden Party: A Night at the Cirkus


Dancing on someone’s grave may be the final insult you can pay them, but nobody ever said the other arts are off limits.

So guests flocked to Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery with picnic baskets in hand last Saturday for the fourth annual Night at Niblo’s Garden party, entering through its Gothic Revival gates and navigating the 478-acre grounds to a glacier pond known as Crescent Waters. 576 more words

Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery Memorial Day Concert

Tradition dictates that if certain friends and I are in town, we amble over to Green-Wood Cemetery for their wonderful, old-fashioned Memorial Day concert. This year it was their 18th. 148 more words


Off the Beaten Track: Exploring 3 Quiet Places in New York

By Alex Eggerking

Are you looking for somewhere new to explore? Or somewhere to take guests in town who think they have already seen everything there is to see in New York? 942 more words

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