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Dry Humor

I got back from North Carolina a few days ago. Jumped right into the next thing, but here is a snippet from my time with Roy.


carved panel depicting tools

Seeing the recent post on Lost Art Press’ blog about misericords was great. https://blog.lostartpress.com/2016/04/28/a-gallery-of-misericords-the-woodworkers/  Suzanne Ellison has rounded up images of a bunch of woodworkers – nice to have them in one place. 231 more words


Bodging in 1935

To brighten up your Monday, I though you might enjoy this wonderful film of English bodgers from just 80 years ago, making Windsor chairs in a manner that would be entirely familiar to chairmakers 300 years ago (and indeed, entirely familiar to me today!) One thing that strikes me about the film is the height of the lathes used by the turners. 38 more words

Hand Tools

openings at Greenwood Fest 2016, a few spaces became available

Link for late registration:


Time to get the tools all sharpened & primed – Plymouth CRAFT’s Greenwood Fest is coming up before you know it. 170 more words


the summer of Fests

It’s quite a festive year for some of us – Going in reverse chronological order, the circus I’m in has expanded so that I’ll be travelling to Sweden & England this summer, in addition to my usual East Coast wanderings. 325 more words


The Time I Went To Chair Camp

I’ve known of Joe Graham’s work for a few years now…and that he ran a school where he teaches his special style of Windsor chair making.  820 more words

Georgia on My Mind

Over the Easter weekend, I ventured to Colbert, Georgia to visit my family and to find the rest of the wood that I’ll need for  751 more words