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A lifelong ambition fulfilled

I have been meaning to update this blog for weeks but apart from one wet day (the first day of the most recent course) the sun has been shining from dawn til dusk and I’ve been outside making the most of it. 852 more words


The Potential of a Red Maple

When I saw the maple tree being cut down, I couldn’t believe it.

This was a tree that I pass in my regular driving route, and I had admired the tree. 395 more words

All Things Wood

#Realcraft -- Current conversations on making

Social media and the internet allow the once-cloistered craftsman an enormous window to the world of fellow makers — an opportunity for instruction and inspiration and a forum for discussion. 1,355 more words

there are no truths....

Joshua Klein sent me a note, asking my take on his recent blog post about “real craft” and what that term means. http://mortiseandtenonmag.com/blogs/blog/thoughts-on-real-craft

The first half of his post follows the term, from Jarrod Stone Dahl, back to Robin Wood, who got onto it from an exhibition with that title by someone named Chris Eckersley. 1,685 more words


a lot of photos of the 3-legged stool assembly

the 3-legged/footed stool is done.

here’s some of how it went. I do the joinery in two halves. Here, the leg is propped in the “joiners’ saddles” (V-blocks) to hold it steady. 311 more words


The Middelalder Centre

For the last week I’ve been living as a Danish Medieval peasant, back in the year 1406. Welcome to the world that is the Middelalder Centre. 322 more words

Experimental Archaeology

3-footed turned stool

It feels like a long time since I’ve written about furniture-making. Shop-building & spoon carving have taken up a lot of space here. This week, I’m building a stool that reaches back to the beginnings of this blog in 2008. 363 more words