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day off to clean up & sort stuff

Mostly this winter has looked like this in our neighborhood.

Then the other day, it looked like this:

Most winters I like it like that…but this winter I’ve been framing the workshop, so trying to get every outdoor day’s work I can. 337 more words


Spring sessions coming soon

The land is waking up. And so are we. After a winter’s hibernation, here are three new dates in our diary for springtime, book your place now. 79 more words


we don't really have a plan/drawing

A few people have asked about the timber frame we have underway here, specifically about the design. First thing to know, if you want to tackle a project like this, find someone who knows how. 642 more words


more chisel work

And geometry.

I started in cutting the rafter pockets/seats in the frame’s plates (the long upper timbers that connect the three posts on each long wall, and upon which sit the rafters). 283 more words


Dancing with Nature

What a privilege it is to collaborate with Nature.  Green wood is a medium that has a lot to say; there is no blank canvas.  Nature is a dance partner, and she usually takes the lead. 276 more words

Connect the dots

Remember the other night when I showed some drawings and carvings, I included this one that I was working for the frame I’m cutting.

Here is the brace with that design on it – done in pine, frustrating carving softwood. 331 more words


Plymouth CRAFT spoon-carving & sloyd/slojd update

Plymouth CRAFT is now a year old. http://www.plymouthcraft.org/ It’s an organization with which I’m thrilled to be involved.  After a great first year, 2016 looks to be even better. 491 more words