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Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving here in the US, a national holiday. It’s a long & complicated story, and I don’t get to wrapped up in it. I hate football, turkey and I don’t drink. 256 more words


Huck Finn is just ignorant, that's all

Back when I started green woodworking, chairs were my thing. I learned them first from John (Jennie) Alexander’s book Make a Chair from a Tree, then slightly later from Alexander first-hand. 634 more words


the happiest woodworker I know

I followed a link tonight and got to the happiest woodworker I know. Great to hear Curtis’ views, he’s the real thing. I haven’t seen him in a while, it was nice to hear him twang. 31 more words


bowl carving with Roy Underhill & PF

The folks at the spoon-carving & green woodworking group on facebook alerted me to the online link of  Roy Underhill’s show when I visited & we were hewing bowls. 34 more words


why did this take so long?

First it was walnut. Then Alaska yellow cedar. Now this. Maple? What’s next? What happened to oak? Nothin’ – it’s just not a suitable wood for this item. 393 more words


Being a Green Woodworker Makes You Do Strange Things.

When I started my Windsor chair, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would not be able to get suitable spindle stock here on the island. 653 more words

Windsor Chairs

Saxon hall takes shape

The Carpenter’s Fellowship have been busy erecting the oak walls of the Saxon longhall. There were several delays with poor ground conditions and the discovery of bits of car and a whole trailer, complete with wheels, in the foundations. 45 more words

Experimental Archaeology