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hawk & crab

I’ll have some woodworking stuff here next week. Back to that chest with drawers, some carving and hewn bowls. Meanwhile, here’s the hawk again. He successfully got a rabbit, but didn’t really do much with it. 83 more words


juvenile red tailed hawk

No woodworking photos lately, too busy. I lost a bunch of time to car-shopping, I finally gave up on my 1999 edition and got a new used car. 128 more words


Joined chest class, final session

Last weekend we finished up the chest-class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. Five months, one weekend per month. It’s a great format for tackling a complex project, but requires a serious commitment of time & money from the students. 318 more words


my teaching schedule for the rest of 2015

I’ve been working this week on prepping the carved chest with drawers so I can teach the final session of that class this weekend at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. 435 more words


another wainscot chair project

some years ago, I had two projects making copies of wainscot chairs. Both were projects based on chairs from Hingham, Massachusetts. First, a copy of a wainscot chair at the Brooklyn Museum, here’s the original: 306 more words


London Joyners v Sawyers, Turners v Joyners

These two excerpts are from: Henry Laverock Phillips, Annals of the Worshipful Company of Joiners of the City of London, (London: privately printed, 1915) 890 more words


Custom Butcherblock - Yellow Pine - 2014:2015

By David Rae, With help from Me

Almost ten years after David approached me about building a custom designed record box, I was sketching out plans for another project to satisfy his eclectic taste.   1,303 more words

David Rae