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Simple Tips for Greener Groceries

“Bus or car?”

“Publix or Trader Joe’s?”

“Chicken or beef?”

“Organic or imported?”

Decisions, decisions.

“Paper or plastic?” isn’t the only choice at the grocery store. 395 more words


Greening Your Game Day

Game day is here once again, Gator fans, so rise and shine to watch the boys of old florida do WORK in the Swamp.

But while you’re enjoying the day’s festivities, why not take a hint from Albert and be a little greener? 504 more words


What's an Ecological Footprint?

Maybe you’ve started to dip your toe into the waters of the sustainability movement, and you’ve heard some chatter about footprints. Carbon footprints, global footprints, ecological footprints — any kind of footprint, really. 367 more words


Green Your Routine: Shower Time

The next time you’re busy getting steamy, it may be a better idea to make it just a quickie.

I’m talking about showering, of course. And unless you’re all about inviting another person into your moment of zen, these tips will help you cut your water bill and ecological footprint by quite a bit. 507 more words


Green Your Routine

I just noticed these public service announcements and I really like them. “Green Your Routine” is catchy.

The more we see these, the more we’ll see this behavior as normal. 17 more words

Building Community

Green Per Diem: NBC's Green Your Routine

Here’s a gem I found through Twitter (is there anything Twitter can’t do?!) Also –  like I needed another reason to love The Office…. ! 114 more words

Green Per Diem

Green Your Routine this week with NBC

Last November was NBC’s first stab at its Green Week. For seven days, all NBC Universal’s networks committed to over 150 hours of green-themed programming. And its happening again. 481 more words

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