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Colour Changers

These are game changers, I say these as I have a set of six different colours, or should that be twelve. A fab little birthday present from my bestie, she knows me well. 75 more words


Word For Wednesday (W4W) #53

Play along here!

This week’s word is…


Green is my very favourite colour and even thinking about this word makes me so happy!

When I see this word I picture abundant emerald forests and fields, leaves, grass, hedgerows and moss.  129 more words

Urban Abstract 237

I can FEEL the frustration!!!
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Joining the Juice Revolution 

I’ve never seen myself as the type of person that follows those food & dieting fads. To be honest, I’ve always eaten what I wanted and (I thought) it was never a problem for me. 640 more words


Choose Green Furniture For Clean And Beautiful Office

Go green… save planet… We all have heard this kind of stuff many times in our life. Following the rule in our daily life is not possible, as many of us do not bother how we are knowingly or unknowingly hurting the earth. However, by

Julep January 2016 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

Hi everyone! I’m back with new material today: a subscription box post! Instead of going through the backlog of subscription boxes that I didn’t get around to last year, I decided to skip ahead to this month’s Julep box to keep it current (well, sort of current, since it’s not January anymore). 985 more words

Nail Art

Angst-Ridden, Rock 'n' Roll Fairy

Every now and then I feel like doing something a little darker than I usually wear, but still have it wearable for day-to-day. Combined with my affinity for a playlist made up of Muse and Radiohead, the product ends up being this. 197 more words