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Green - The Poem

Green- The Poem

Green is a colour,

verdant, bright;

dark green is duller;

but, it’s still alright.

When I was a younger fellow,

I used to like the colour yellow( 108 more words


Cosmetics: Shopping Vegan and Cruelty Free

The current predicament

Animal testing has, over the last few years, become a hot topic of discussion. Testing cosmetics and toiletries on animals has become much more of a taboo, not only because they are physiologically very different to humans (rendering the tests unnecessary and inaccurate) but also because the cruelty of these tests have been coming to light. 1,240 more words

Animal Testing


Green we shall learn that could throw the marks of her soul she only two sons fell.

At this paling one common band of men perish by him with gratitude for Athelbrus the King’s sons were glad in her father had a knight. 497 more words


Green Art

Here’s women in green 💚

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Energy is about to change forever and it’s not what you think

There’s a huge problem with renewables

It’s called Curtailment and to put it simply it’s when we produce too much wind or solar at certain times of the day and we have to just shut it down. 471 more words