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VIDEO: New room inflated on side of ISS

A new room is being inflated on the side of the International Space Station.

from BBC News – Science & Environment http://ift.tt/1U97QQm


I think..


….Because it’s mean.

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green papaya

A fruit native to South America, papaya, with its buttery consistency and sweet taste, has attained widespread popularity. Monikered Fruit of the Angels by Christopher Columbus, papaya is also known as Papita in Hindi, Boppayi Pandu in Telugu, Pappali in Tamil, Omakaya in Malayalam, Pappayi Hannu in Kannada, Papaiya in Gujarati, Papai in Marathi, Papita in Bengali. 21 more words

Solar Impulse lands in Pennsylvania

The sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has landed in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, after a 16-hour flight.

from BBC News – Science & Environment http://ift.tt/1sRap4b