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Welcome Back Gentle Readers, the Blog is Back! August 2012

OMG! I can’t believe I am back.  Or at least trying to be.  It has literally been months since I last updated the blog and took the wonder and loss out from behind the eyes of my readers!  1,368 more words

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For Men and Mothers, through 8/17/12

How doo!

A mother, any mother, protects her brood.  I have seen this mother turkey account for every one of these chicks; herd them together and guide them to destinations; protect them from Wolfgang and Gilda, the homeowners’ HUGE dogs; and feed them and love them to the best of her ability.  1,547 more words

Strawbale Building Journal

It's OK, We're Still Here! Through July 20, 2012

Because HERE is where it’s at.

Right now at least.

Here is Ian Smith, again, our structural engineer.  He is performing the moisture-content test on the Main House bale walls.  2,052 more words

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Who Will Care for the Empire?...through 5/31/2012

Oooh boy.  The building police were here again today.  But lookey how they come all drivin’ up in a Hybrid, no less.  Show-offs.  But green show-offs, at least.  1,830 more words

Strawbale Building Journal

Almost Never Counts..., through May 25, 2012

…except for in horseshoes and with hand grenades…

In building, you cannot just “almost” do something.  You cannot almost build a house.  You cannot almost finish a job.  1,600 more words

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There are no Problems, only Opportunities, through May 18, 2012

Well, howdy doo!

Yes, I am catching up, as promised.  This post is still a week behind though.  So I not done yet.  Just a’catchin’ my breath. 2,305 more words

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All My Lovin', One Builder's Dream, through 05/11/12

Ooh la la,

shore seemin’ like Summer out there.  I got a pile of snow in my meadow right now up in Ward, but down in Boulder it’s nothing but sunshine and sun and shine.  912 more words

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