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Written By Jeryl Yep 

In the recent posts, I talked about doing an online course on Climate Change from http://www.futurelearn.com, today we are going to share the next installment of the Climate Change Online Course series, “What is the Climate”. 409 more words


Greenhouses, Green Thumbs and Green Rooms

Whether it is cricket or a thicket, green is the color that predominates and preserves the game of life. The foliar dressings of green perpetuate nature by hydrolyzing water and supplying the oxygen for the strain of pneuma (a word that can be used to define both life and spirit) that inevitably controls life span and the life story. 777 more words

Natural World

What Warmed Mars? The Curious Case of the Missing Carbonate

Everything we’ve observed so far about the surface of Mars points to an ancient past that was warmer, wetter, and very possibly habitable for life as we know it. 273 more words


The Greenhouse Effect does Not Exist: The Scientific Fallacy Underlying the Whole Anthropomorphic Global Warming Story

Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) is based on the greenhouse effect.  Here is how the greenhouse effect is explained.  The Earth is modeled as a blackbody.  1,478 more words

Climate Change

My Gardening Experiment

Yesterday the mailman brought me SEED PACKETS!!

I have Spring fever really bad and have been dying to dig in the dirt.  I listened to a pod cast recently about gardening year round.   342 more words


Does the new US President believe in Climate Change?

Evidence 1: U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to remove the climate change page from its website.

Evidence 2: Trump’s nominee for for Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt accepted more than $250,000 in donations from the oil and gas industry over the course of four campaigns for attorney general, lieutenant governor and state senator. 283 more words

Climate Change Basics

Climate change…. we hear that phrase all of the time. I’ve mentioned it lots of times like, here and here. But what actually is climate change, what does it mean, what do we do about it and why do some people not believe its a thing. 355 more words