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The World’s First Zero-Emissions Fossil-Fuel Power Plant is on The Way

“Net Power, a North Carolina-based energy startup, is making a $150-million investment in a new approach to deploy carbon-capture technology that it believes could completely change the way we use natural gas to generate electricity. 95 more words

Bumiku Sedang Demam

Setiap Negara di dunia saat ini tengah menyaksikan efek drastis dari perubahan iklim, beberapa bahkan lebih dari yang lain. Rata-rata, sumber kerusakan tahunan berasal dari gempa bumi, tsunami, kebakaran hutan, dan banjir yang kerugiannya bernilai jutaan dollar. 578 more words


5 things that should happen at Bonn climate talks but probably won't

The world’s leaders are meeting – again – for talks on climate change. This year’s Conference of the Parties (the 23rd, hence COP23) to the  231 more words

Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere has the Biggest Ratio in the Last 800 Thousand Years

                GLOBAL warming has been a threat for many years, and preventing it by lowering carbon dioxide emission hasn’t been successful enough. The precautions we are taking will be in vain because of the effects of El Niño, warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific. 224 more words


WCC4 Rome: Interview with Nikolov and Zeller

I got back from Rome last night following the highly successful World Climate Conference. Quite a number of CO2 sceptics gave presentations, which were politely received and discussed by all present. 155 more words


The Virial Theorem

I had another brief Twitter discussion with Ned Nikolov, whose paper I discussed in this post. Ned seems to think that there is no atmospheric greenhouse effect and that the enhanced surface temperature is due to atmospheric pressure somehow enhancing the energy provided by the Sun. 729 more words

Climate Change

Climate Change

One huge argument at the moment is climate change. This is because lots of people think that it is our fault, and others think differently. In my opinion I would have to say that climate change is definitely our fault. 309 more words

Carbon Dioxide