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Global Warming or: None Like it Hot

I suppose it was inevitable. With my intense interest in science, although I really don’t have the math skills for it, it was inevitable that I would write a piece about climate change. 2,374 more words


Maybe we really are screwed

I may regret writing this post, but here goes anyway. Although some probably disagree, and I don’t always succeed, I do try to maintain a sense of scientific credibility; include caveats, acknowledge uncertainty, recognise that we really can’t “know” anything, etc. 899 more words

Climate Change

Climate change. Global Warming. What?!

Dear 21st century humans,

There’s one thing that we have always heard when it comes to our environment. Well, three actually. These are buzz phrases that are thrown around by scientists, news anchors and politicians WHENEVER there is talk of the environment.  777 more words

ESA finds a frigid surprise hiding at Venus' poles 

Is it the cloud cover or the enormous atmospheric pressure at the surface that makes Venus hot? Whatever, it seems the poles are colder than Earth, and by a wide margin, as… 368 more words

Solar System Dynamics

5 cool facts about our planets...

5. Venus rotates in the opposite direction to Earth so the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east. It also rotates very slowly so its days and nights are very long. 124 more words


It's Now or Never - Please Join the Movement to Save Our Planet from Runaway Global Warming by Signing "Preserve Our Climate" Petition

It’s now or never, folks. What’s wrong with making extra income by helping to save our planet from run away global warming? If not for us, how about for today’s and tomorrow’s children? 662 more words

Human Health

A Tear

A tear seeps weakly from

The corner of my eye.

Not a tear of sorrow;

Not a tear of joy.

Eyes pulled deep in sockets…

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