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Climate Change Basics

Climate change…. we hear that phrase all of the time. I’ve mentioned it lots of times like, here and here. But what actually is climate change, what does it mean, what do we do about it and why do some people not believe its a thing. 355 more words


Some businessses are helping prevent global warming: here is how they're doing it

A greenhouse gas is a substance that causes the greenhouse effect or as we all know it, the process of climate change. Greenhouse gasses are emitted into our atmosphere, acting as radiation and it warms the planet’s surface. 536 more words

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When Scientists Hate Science - Paul A Offit. 

With Donald Trump’s recent picks to head the Environmental Protection Agency (Scott Pruitt) and the Energy Department (Rick Perry), it appears that science denialism has now been institutionalized. 192 more words

Greenhouse Warming

And so it begins!

Begins might be slightly wrong, as we’ve already had the David Rose saga, but it certainly continues. What I’m referring to is an article in the spectator by David Whitehouse (science editor of the Global Warming Policy Foundation) in which he argues that… 675 more words

Climate Change

How to Recycle And Be a Better Person

When it comes down to it, we as humans all have one thing in common. We currently live on this planet called Earth. Since this planet does so much for us, for example, as exist for us to inhabit, why do we abuse, soil and neglect it the way we do? 817 more words

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The Survival of the Carbon Cycle: renewable energy solutions

It’s not news anymore that 2016 is likely to be the hottest year on record – with figures published by the World Meteorological Organization showing that global temperature is 1.2C above industrial levels and will set a new high for the third year running. 225 more words


China launches its satellite to monitor global emission of greenhouse gases

For studying further about the carbon emissions and their effect on climate change, China has launched its first carbon monitoring satellite, TanSat, from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre (JSLC) in the northwest China’s Gobi Desert. 86 more words