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Rise, rise
Towards the skies.
Forwards the eyes.
Plough hard surprise.
Cowards and lies.

What were they doing in the past?
I was a child in class. 87 more words


Live For Today, or Preserve For Tomorrow?

As humans, one of our less desirable traits is our attitude of “yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised, so live in the moment … live for today”.  995 more words

Social Commentary

Help me save these polar bears' home

Help me save these polar bears’ home.

It is not just their homes that I spend sleepless nights thinking about. Global warming will affect many people. 375 more words

Green Energy Solutions

Report: Warming Seas Expanding Twice as Fast as Previously Thought

A new study suggests that warmer water temperatures are causing the seas to expand twice as fast as previously thought, leading to greater sea level rise. 47 more words

Global Warming

Why Haven't We Encountered Extra-Terrestrials? Creepy New Scientific Theorem! 

In 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi raised a very important question about the Universe and the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Given the size and age of the Universe, he stated, and the statistical probability of life emerging in other solar systems, why is it that humanity has not seen any indications of intelligence life in the cosmos? 971 more words


How much damage is the Porter Ranch leak doing to the climate?

How much damage is the Porter Ranch leak doing to the climate?

Stephen Conley has flown pollution-detecting airplanes over some of the largest oil and gas fields in the nation. 24 more words

Greenhouse Effect

Impacts of Global Warming

Over the past century, we, the humans have changed the earth’s atmosphere in dramatic ways resulting in global warming. At present, it’s the most controversial environmental issue. 519 more words