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Fight For Forests

Forests are home to nearly two-thirds of our land-animals and plant species. Unfortunately, we have already lost half of our global forest land, destroying the homes of millions of animals. 89 more words

Global Warming

Rising heat affecting health

Five Guardsmen were stretchered off Horse Guards Parade after fainting in the sweltering heat during the Trooping the Colour ceremony.”

It is a common myth that heat only affects… 609 more words

Urban Heat

Effects of Global Warming on Wildlife

The effects of global warming have been taking its toll on wildlife over these recent years. The average U.S temperature has risen over one degree Fahrenheit, making global warming one of the biggest threats to the long-term survival of American wildlife. 92 more words

Global Warming

What does the Vostok ice core tell us?

Euan Mearns, who runs a blog called Energy Matters, had a post in 2014 about The Vostok ice core: Temperature CO2 and CH4. This post has apparently had 8000 reads, is probably one of the most read texts on the subject, and yet, according to this… 1,121 more words

Climate Change

Understanding multi-decadal global warming rate changes

Maybe a glimmer of recognition for natural warming from the oceans here, while still believing that alleged man-made effects on air temperatures are somehow warming the water in a cyclical fashion. 240 more words


2017.06.10: O3 Alert

haze in morning air
not mist, not fog, but ozone
can’t measure Fake News


Our Honeymoon Terrarium

With our green thumbs itching for just a little more creativity, we discovered the world of terrariums. Similar to an aquarium’s portable water-environment, a terrarium is a sealed glass container for growing plants. 717 more words

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