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What is the adiabatic lapse rate of air?

That’s the question posed by Scottish Sceptic here.

When explaining the greenhouse warming effect, I’ve avoided going into the cause of the adiabatic temperature change of the atmosphere as we get higher and instead used a hand waving argument that expanding air is cooler which has been enough to explain the necessary temperature gradient up through the atmosphere ( 747 more words


Thousands More Heat Deaths from Record Heat Wave in Pakistan on top of Neighboring India's nearly 2,200 heat deaths.

Unclaimed heatwave victims in Karachi on June 26, 2015.

Hot and humid weather came to Karachi Pakistan just weeks after torrid temperatures caused nearly 2,200 deaths in neighboring India, raising fears that South Asia could be seeing some of the devastating effects of human-caused climate change, the Associated Press reported. 533 more words

Climate Change

A Magical Garden

Long ago, there was a magical garden,

Destiny of which God had himself written;

Where trees were as lofty as Mt. Everest,

And the Westerlies blew with a lot of zest. 122 more words


How Greenhouse Gases Both Maintain & Increase Earth's Temperature

DENVER (CBS4) – According to NASA and NOAA, 2014 was the warmest year on Earth since modern records began in 1880.

It’s yet another year in what has been a trend of warming temperatures since the turn of the century. 329 more words


Why atmospheric MASS, not radiation? Part 1

And so finally we have reached the stage where we will explain why the atmospheric insulating effect is inherently a ‘massive’ one and not a ‘radiative’ one. 4,348 more words

Greenhouse Effect?

Roy Spencer provides a review of the Greenhouse Effect

Always good to solidify your knowledge on important stuff.

Saw Roy in DC–charming man, smart, handsome, great spokesman.

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Baking in Alaska: Anchorage is hotter than Los Angeles

Temperatures in Alaska’s biggest city hit 83 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, records for both calendar days and just two degrees shy of the June record set in 1969. 103 more words

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