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Venus May Once Have Been a Garden Planet

One of the hard facts of our solar system is that even with eight perfectly nice planets, Earth remains the only house on the block with its lights on—at least in terms of life. 26 more words


Murry Salby in London

Joshua has pointed out that Judith Curry has written a post about Murry Salby’s recent presentation in London. There was some hope that Judith might actually express some views about his ideas, but she just seems to find it… 236 more words

Climate Change

Murry Salby's latest presentation

by Judith Curry

Last month at the University College London, atmospheric scientist Prof. Murry Salby, gave a  presentation on man-made CO2 and its (lack of) impact on global climate. 335 more words

Greenhouse Effect

August 3 - Its A Gasser

Today’s factismal: John Tyndall was born 196 years ago today.

Ever since there have been toddlers, there’s been the question “Why is the sky blue?” And ever since… 496 more words


Air Pollution in Ohio

Air Pollution in Ohio

Ohio’s Coal burning plants, Industrial Plants, and agricultural practices are the major causes of air pollution in Ohio. Although in Ohio modern practices are a major way we put pollutants in the air, there are also natural air pollution sources. 354 more words

Air Pollution

Human Cruelty Surpasses All Expectation

I hate humans. It’s not rational to hate them all, but I’m not a rational being. I’m one of them.

Perhaps there are other species with members who are just as cruel as ours. 696 more words

Science Fiction

Greenhouse Growing: Tips for Basic Greenhouse Cultivation

What is greenhouse farming? This is a common question among people. Basically, it’s a kind of cultivation technique using greenhouses. The farmers are able to grow various types of crops regardless of the climates. 534 more words