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Water World

This posting just points to a very well done page that calculates the relative contributions to the greenhouse effect as used by the AGW thesis, by various gasses. 131 more words

AGW Science And Background

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. . Let's put this up for discussion as the dominant role of WV often gets buried in all the focus on man-made carbon dioxide emissions.

Carpooling anyone?

Driving is an essential part of several people’s days, including my own. We drive to get anywhere, from school, to work, to the store. More times than not, the places we are going are in walking or biking distance, but we still choose to drive out of convenience. 398 more words

Would you eat Soylent?

Oh how I envy folks who watch a movie and remember the name of it, the characters, and the plot line for decades (or even months) afterward. 512 more words

Rants & Questions

Lark Rise to Climate Change?

SPEAKING OF THE SCIENCE of climatology, which is not known as scientology, thank you for noticing…it was exactly one year ago that Present Occupant attended a talk by Joshua P. 175 more words

The Other 10%

How does CO₂ warm the Earth?

Perhaps you’ve heard that the moon day is very hot (past boiling point) and the moon night is really cold (about 150-200 C below freezing, or more than twice as cold as ever measured on Earth – Antarctica -83 C). 1,511 more words


Tsoknyi Gechak School II

It seems so long ago now, but before the earthquake(s), follow-up visits to the Tsoknyi Gechak School for further environmental education took place for the combined classes 5&6 (ages 14-16). 1,101 more words


WooHoo A New PPM Record for CO2

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says in March, the global monthly average for carbon dioxide hit 400.83 parts per million. That is the first month in modern records that the entire globe broke 400 ppm, reaching levels that haven’t been seen in about 2 million years.

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