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Good post disaster reconstruction is possible

With all the natural and man made disasters that we have in Italy, we should have become skilled and quick in rebuilding. Instead, it is not so. 517 more words


Greenhouse effect - What is it?

Many of us have heard the phrase greenhouse effect before but most of us are stilling asking the question – what is the greenhouse effect… 231 more words

Environmental Issues

Mercury Transit 2016

As seen from Florida — it is all about perspective after all — the planet Mercury could be seen moving across the face of the Sun on 9 May 2016. 306 more words


Myth busting – Part 10

Wow, we made it to Myth busting – Part 10! Let’s quickly look back over this mini-series so far and recap what we have covered. 2,805 more words


Transportation Contributed 14% of Global Gas Emission - IPCC

According to IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) assessment in 2014 based on 2010 data concluded that transportation contributed 14% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. 12 more words

Global Warming or: None Like it Hot

I suppose it was inevitable. With my intense interest in science, although I really don’t have the math skills for it, it was inevitable that I would write a piece about climate change. 2,374 more words


Maybe we really are screwed

I may regret writing this post, but here goes anyway. Although some probably disagree, and I don’t always succeed, I do try to maintain a sense of scientific credibility; include caveats, acknowledge uncertainty, recognise that we really can’t “know” anything, etc. 899 more words

Climate Change