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Greenhouse Growing: Tips for Basic Greenhouse Cultivation

What is greenhouse farming? This is a common question among people. Basically, it’s a kind of cultivation technique using greenhouses. The farmers are able to grow various types of crops regardless of the climates. 534 more words

Climate Change. II. Causes

Causes of climate change can be classified into natural and anthropogenic (human caused) factors. Today’s post will focus on the anthropogenic factors; the contributions that you and I make towards these changes/variations in climate. 461 more words

Coventry Tackling Climate Change

Climate change is possibly one of the most serious environmental threats facing the world today. Global temperature increase is likely to trigger serious consequences for humanity and other life forms. 685 more words

Sustainable Energy

India to fight climate change through less flatulent livestock 

You couldn’t make it up. Heartlander Magazine reporting.

Despite its recent announcement it may not adopt the Paris Climate agreement before the end of 2016, India is moving ahead with a unique effort attempting to reduce the greenhouse gases its agricultural sector emits into the atmosphere: creating cows and livestock that burp and fart less.  294 more words


Summer safety, please

The good ol’ summertime in the Natural State arrives dressed in the beauty of flowers, with fragrant breezes taming the sun’s still-soft warmth. It’s a season of saturated color teeming with vitality: verdant lawns and gardens, cerulean skies and waters. 817 more words

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The Unproven Global Warming

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I had an interesting argument with someone a few days back about global warming. The said person was of the opinion that global warming is all myth, perpetuated by special interest groups. 566 more words


The Greenhouse Effect

By Ree Nie Kong 7W

We are constantly hearing about ‘The Greenhouse Effect’ on the news and social media. But what is ‘The Greenhouse Effect’? 757 more words

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