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Building the Geodesic dome

I watched the weather on the met office website avidly from midweek hoping that Sunday would be fine with light winds. First the weather looked OK then the next day Malcolm call to ask if I really wanted to go ahead on Sunday as the weather looked really bad. 1,210 more words


Working hard or...

The end of our vacation draws near.
We’ve had about six weeks of work leave this summer and one shouldn’t complain but the days just roll past us and there is still much to be done around the house before winter comes around. 309 more words


Mitigating Climate Change by Reducing Methane Gasses Production in Rice Fields

Previously, I wrote an article discussing about the paradigm shift of Agrobacterium-based genetic engineering which surprisingly also occurs naturally. Now, I also want to discuss almost similar topic, still related with transgenic organism, the difference is that my article now dealing with the application of transgenic organism for mitigating climate change effect. 487 more words


Vegetarians vs Vegans

It is known that in order to be a Vegetarian, you must eliminate all animal products, but dairy can remain in your diet. However, Vegans eliminate all animal and dairy products (also eggs) from their diet. 22 more words


July Garden - the Greenhouses

No time for words today, just some of what I have growing in my chaotic, overgrown greenhouses and cold frames.

Many, many cucumbers (yay) – busy eating them everyday and pickling – I love July. 42 more words


Vegetables Under Glass

If you are growing vegetables under glass i.e. a greenhouse, make sure that it doesn’t get too hot! Spray plenty of water to create a humid atmosphere! [Photo CCBY SX242]