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"Pioneer Place"

“Pioneer Place”

In a small corner of an otherwise large shopping meca, the rows of pots face each other in a stand off for attention.  They proudly display their fauna under the bright greenhouse roof, gently reaching up to grab as much light as possible before the day fades away.  31 more words


'House it going?

What is occurring in the greenhouse? I’ve shuffled everything around to make way for the building of the heated propagation bench so it’s all a bit of a squash, but there’s plenty going on. 536 more words


Life in the greenhouse: January

Blimey it’s chilly. Inside and out: life got a bit hectic last autumn and I didn’t get around to my usual bubblewrap-insulation-and-greenhouse-heater routine. So my greenhouse – usually a cosy refuge at this time of year – is distinctly less than welcoming at the moment. 640 more words


Our New Green House!

At the end of last summer, the Hubs was suddenly motivated to build a green house and although I had lots of ideas on what I wanted, I didn’t have a plan fully thought out for the project.   861 more words


Fred's Dibber & the lovely greenhouse 

I found this dibber in the greenhouse. It must have been a gift to Fred, the woman who set up this garden with her husband. I keep finding relics of their past, including a photo album showing when the greenhouse was first put in place. 68 more words

Diary Post

Oh Father

The timing is right to play one of my favourite music albums since October, Aforger, by Douglas Dare, around midnight. It definitely has that Lotus Elise turns back into a lotus-flower the stroke of, feel, in the hands of a caffeine-addled George Orwell. 33 more words