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September 18 Update

8″ Jasida Purple

8″ Regal Cheryl Purple

8″ Raquel Ruby Red

8″ Yolanda Yellow

8″ Okra Yellow

8″ Aubrey Orange

8″ Vana Snow

8″ Gigi Orange… 31 more words


Growing Cannabis w/ Ventilation/Light for Greenhouses

Ventilation/Light for Growing Cannabis in Greenhouses Some glass greenhouses are sold with a manual ridge vent, even when a mechanical system is specified, the manual system can be a backup system, but it does not take the place of a motorized louver. 39 more words

Climate Control for Cannabis Greenhouses & Outdoor Frames

Climate Controls for Growing Cannabis Outdoors Even the best designed and built greenhouses will lose heath through radiation, conduction, and convection through the glass, walls, roof, doors, vents, cracks and even the floor. 43 more words

The need for more food


I am going to venture out of my normal sphere and probably bring down a ton of criticism on my head. But even so I am going to recommend an… 679 more words

Land Use

'Ticking time bomb' for greenhouses, other farms without export fix

Essex County’s massive greenhouse industry and other farms that export to the United States need better protection against buyers that go bankrupt and they need it now, officials say. 468 more words

Local News

August 21 Update

Dark Lavender Cushion (Delano) Florist Mum

Yellow Daisy Florist Mum

6.5″ Kalanchoe

12″ Mixed Pots

4.5″ Swiss Chard Bright Lights

8″ Swiss Chard Bright Lights… 7 more words

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