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So I have officially lost my bread making virginity. It was more pleasurable than I thought it would of been.  The simplicity and the joy I experienced from making my own bread was nearly better than my husband being all sexy. 160 more words


My husband came home with a worm farm, instead of a compost bin like I had wanted. Which is fine as hello worms are good for the garden. 243 more words

My first green steps

Last night, I drove into town to the garden shop, as it’s open to 9pm. I always thought who the hell goes to a gardening shop at night? 324 more words


Adulthood,life,taxes, and choosing a mature blog name is hard. Also trying to make life changes is hard. I’ve decided to embrace a greener life, or the homestead lifestyle. 306 more words


I saw a meme on Instagram the other day that really made me laugh because it’s so true. It said, “Pets are so weird. Like- it’s just this little individual that lives in your house and you can’t speak to each other, but you’re just best friends.” How true is that?! 229 more words


Chapter One: The Beginnng.

The design I chose to analyze, is the cover art to one of the most iconic games ever made, Halo: Combat Evolved.  After an arduous search I could not find who directly designed it although, the lead designer is John Howard.   516 more words


The Evening Post: 1996 Honda Accord Used Car Commercial

This is a weird video that has over 5 million views now.  This is a video for a used car named Greenie where the owner wants to sell the used car.   37 more words

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