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Covering all the bases - Asian, butcher and greenie

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Butcher Boy
31 Keong Saik Road
Tel: 6221-6833
Open for dinner daily: 5.30pm to 12am. Lunch on Fri to Sun: 12pm to 3pm…
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Money Matters

"The Look"!

Ray has recently developed an interesting facial expression which, when accompanied by a head tilt, is very endearing… and leaves us wondering (yet again) what is going on in that German Shepherd/Rotti head of his! 87 more words

German Shepherd

A torn ACL, a broken heart, and a broken heart and contrite spirit

We were discussing those things at the institute lunch forum.

Sister Heward: “A torn ACL has got to be the worst injury”
Me: “I think a broken heart has got to be the worst injury..” 1,421 more words

Missionary Life

To bring forth the cause of Zion, Amen and Amen

Hola amigos!

Somos missioneras de La Igelsia de Jesu Cristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias!
Tenemos un mensaje de Jesu Cristo!
Tiene fe en Jesu Cristo? 1,085 more words

Missionary Life

Be Thou Humble

Dear friends,

‚ÄčThis week has been a good one.

Sister Heward’s mouth got spit on accidentally by a lady talking more rapidly than a cheetah on a skateboard with a jetpack. 842 more words

Missionary Life

Run to Jesus!!

Hello friends!

I think I did things right this time and emailed my family first (hehe) so I think from now on my weekly posts will be shorter.. 811 more words

Missionary Life


‚ÄčAt least that’s what Sister Heward tried to say to someone on the other side of the street. when her voice cracked.

People, I. am. having. 1,407 more words

Missionary Life