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Making the desert green?

Can the desert bloom?

Is it really possible to cultivate a lush green garden in a place where there was once nothing but dry cracked ground and sun baked depleted soil? 139 more words

Gleaning The Web

Sahara Forest Project Grows Food, And Biofuel

April 19th, 2014 by Tina Casey, Clean Technica

We’ve been following the Sahara Forest Project in Qatar since 2008, but somehow we missed an interesting connection with the US Department of Energy. 616 more words


Regreen your piece of the desert

Hi Everyone,

Deserts always had a strange effect on me. Somehow I had this inner urge to go and do something to stop the sand from turning the land and the rocks into more sand, to create oases planting them with trees and under their canopy cover everything with greens. 526 more words

Geoff Lawton

The Man Who Greened the Banks at Monte Carlo

Remember Peter O’Toole belting out:

“…You could hear the girls declare, ‘He must be a millionaire!’
You can rumpty-tumpty-tumpty-tum. Te-tuttle-e-tum-te-tum-te-tum.
I’m the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo…”

123 more words

Lets Stop Desertification By Planting Forests

The above is a clip from “Greening the Desert” with Geoff Lawton, located in Jordan.

Documentary about turning around and regaining land lost to desertification. Geoff helps turn a baron desert into a thriving forest. 107 more words

Water Is Life... It's up to us to catch it.

Sepp Holzer is a permaculture don. Here’s a rather soothing video about water retention landscaping as a way of reversing desertification. The site is called Tamera and it’s in southern Portugal. 11 more words

Fighting back the desert in #Mauritania

By Mohamed A. Boussery

Moctar Ould Hamouda remembers as a child gathering the gum of the acacia trees that surrounded his village of Diawlé, in the southwestern Mauritanian department of Rkiz, where he was born in 1958 and still lives. 756 more words