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4/10 Smoothies: Nutribullet is great but I still love pizza best

Pizza is our go-to meal option, like many other American families, I’d imagine. When time and convenience isn’t required, I opt for making my own pizzas at home. 321 more words

Greening Your Life

4/5 Easter, springtime, goals this season

Happy Easter guys. It’s starting to feel real, finally, after a long, cold winter. The sun and flowers and birds have got me feeling motivated to GET. 124 more words

Greening Your Life

4/4 Bringing back the bartering system

Today is Day 4 of my V.E.D.A Challenge, where I’m posting a 2-3 minute video on the Turnoversbaby Youtube channel daily through the month of April. 230 more words

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4/3 Clutter, Cash, and Charity

Today’s Topic: An Overabundance of THINGS and How to Streamline

Do you have a lot of material things in your home? You probably have far more than you THINK and 500% more than you NEED. 313 more words

Greening Your Life

My whole body aches...

…and it feels so good! Gardening is sometimes tricky for me because my sciatica usually gets irritated after about a half hour. One of my goals is to eliminate that pain through healthier living and gardening is a big part of that. 257 more words

Greening Your Life

Today's gardening progress:

Got the asparagus in the ground on Wednesday and planted 3 types of peas from seed today. Check and check!

Greening Your Life

My Garden: a Work in Progress

Like many, I grew up reading the Little House on the Prairie series and it made a real impression on me. I still find it astounding that in our county’s infancy, under the homestead act, you could just go and build a house somewhere and that land became yours. 650 more words

Greening Your Life