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Τι είναι το Green IT

Τι είναι το IT;

Πριν εξηγήσουμε τι είναι το green IT ας μιλήσουμε για το τι είναι το IT (information technology).. Για την συγκέντρωση, διαχείριση, επεξεργασία, αποθήκευση, χρήση πληροφοριών, με χρήση ψηφιακών συστημάτων.. 113 more words

Το πρόβλημα

Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Simple but important tips on your Amazon Instance. So You have deployed your Amazon Instance, checked. The Instance is running and when You try to RDP – Failed. 78 more words



GSTEP is essential to a local “GreenIT Strategy” for the mid-Willamette Valley. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_computing#Product_longevity it’s best to use what we’ve got as long as possible, one way or another: 148 more words

Awareness Raising

Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click - Click - Click

Amazon has launched its Cloud product which is easy to setup your own ‘private’ cloud. Well, it is not entirely true. Amazon VPC ( Virtual Private Cloud ) is not a private cloud offering. 750 more words


Do not let Nayers and Hesitators triumph over Cloud Computing

These days, email after email is popping in my inbox from anyone and everyone whosoever has predictions for cloud computing in 2013. I’ve started to delete them without reading any further. 498 more words


Solar Charger for your iPhone

So You are outside and your phone is dying. You aren’t anywhere near an electric socket but You really need your phone, perhaps a big business call is going to happen soon or other family matters. 186 more words

Tech News

Cloud in Depth

So You have heard about Cloud before and sound knowledge about the service and how it works. We might want to focus on Cloud technology more on 2013. 479 more words