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Episode 25a - The Saga of Ref the Sly

Saga Thing returns with the wild adventures of Ref the Sly. Follow us as we track this wily character from as he travels all throughout medieval Scandinavia leaving piles of wood shavings and bodies in his wake. 88 more words

Disappearing arctic polar ice cap - can this affect the Gulf Stream?

In Chapter 1 of my book, I provide evidence that the arctic ice is shrinking.  This is shown graphically in Figure 14 (page 34), which I reproduced, with acknowledgements to Andy Lee Haveland.  569 more words

The melting Arctic is already messing with a crucial part of the ocean's circulation, scientists say

Scientists studying a remote and icy stretch of the North Atlantic have found new evidence that fresh water, likely melted from Greenland or Arctic sea ice, may already be altering a key process that helps drives the global circulation of the oceans. 1,033 more words


What Lies Even More Beneath

So, I’ve posted before about the basics of subglacial hydrology (i.e. how water flow beneath a glacier affects the flow of the overlying ice), and I also said it was a fair bit more complex than it at first appeared. 1,236 more words