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Northern Winds and Currents off North-East Greenland

I spent 6 weeks aboard the German research icebreaker R/V Polarstern last year leaving Tromso in Norway in early September and returned to Bremerhaven, Germany in October. 934 more words



hello. i have arrived back at college and the obstacles are like BANG BANG BANG BANG. i’m accidentally stuck in an english seminar where we only discuss the arctic. 69 more words

A classic nightmare

This is another one of the oldest dreams I can recall having

So this dream is pretty classic, I’ll explain in a bit.

So I grew up in Greenland, we lived there for around seven years, i think. 290 more words


Women writing the Arctic

In spite of the fact that Arctic Studies is a male-dominated field, more and more women write about the Arctic. Jennifer Niven’s bestseller, The Ice Master… 276 more words

Zaria Forman

I just stumbled upon this incredible artist. Wow.. I am an ocean girl at heart, and her ocean paintings bring me right to the waters edge. 37 more words


Cold Front and Fresh Snow

We finally got our Greenland application out just the other day. That’s been a major weight, so it’s nice to have it signed, sealed and delivered. 683 more words


The bottom of the ocean has started sinking under the weight of melting glaciers..this is a real article!


Decades of measurements and predictions of sea level rise could have underestimated the scale of the problem, experts warn, due to scientists not accounting for the weighty, warping effects of our ever burgeoning oceans. 542 more words

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