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Things that Are Cold: Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

In New Zealand’s South Island things were cold but for the most part we were warm in the helicopter. Getting out on the summit of Mt Cook (Aoraki) was cold but so exhilarating it was barely noticeable. 130 more words

Irene Waters

Lawler Events and The Heinsohn Horizon

The historical narrative contains many intriguing coincidences.

For example:

Gunnar Heinsohn has identified 700 phantom years in the history of the first millennium.

Working backwards through the mainstream historical narrative we arrive at The Heinsohn Horizon in the 930s where the mainstream narrative falls into The Academic Abyss and degenerates into fiction, fantasy and fabrication for a period of 700 years.

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From icebergs to polar bears – just another summer’s day in Spitsbergen

No single supplement offer

Remote, mysterious & extreme, Spitsbergen is the largest island in Svalbard, where polar bears outnumber people – yet is has become more accessible to solo travellers this summer, with the introduction of a no single supplement offer. 206 more words


Pupils welcome the sun back in Greenland

The 28 of january pupils from Saattut were ready to welcome the sun back !


The Greenlandic food scene: how to adapt and accept

In autumn I started a little unofficial ‘Portrait of a Greenlander’ series to highlight Anne Nivíka Grødem, the Greenlandic Foodlover. Now we’re cooperating in a new way.  508 more words