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East Greenland, Tasiilaq

This trip will take us from London via Reykjavik to a small remote airport Kulusuk in Eastern Greenland just 100km south of the Artic Circle. 2,130 more words


Land mammals Greenland

Land mammals

Among the large land mammals are the musk ox, the reindeer, the polar bear and the white Arctic wolf. Other familiar mammals in Greenland include the Arctic hare, collared lemming, ermine and Arctic fox. 2,628 more words



Ilulissat: icebergs

In Ilulissat, not a moment goes by when you’re not a glace away from floating icebergs. The dynamic shapes, sizes, and even colours (in light) sweep your thoughts away in the wind and make you marvel at nature. 94 more words




I was able to witness a beautiful gathering this morning as I watched the town locals come together for a church confirmation. When I arrived, half an hour before service, I stood outside and watched families and individuals walking towards the church. 112 more words




Someone once told me that they think that all situations are somehow connected to destiny, even the person you end up sitting beside on the plane. 96 more words



ALUU: Hello (informal)

The first word I heard in Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) was a simple ‘hello’ from Frederik.  ‘Aluu’ opened up my world to the Arctic. This simple word exchange was the beginning of an opportunity to travel to and live in Greenland. 86 more words