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Return from the Arctic

Where does one begin to describe a trip that was so wonderful that words won’t do it justice, nor pictures, because nothing can really convey the experience of being there. 345 more words


The search for Greenland's missing ice

When viewed from above, the fjords of Greenland look like arteries carrying water and ice from the heart of the mainland ice sheet. At the head of these fjords are some of the world’s largest glaciers. 200 more words


Climate: Scientists say Arctic ice loss speeding up

Researchers try to pinpoint sea level rise projections

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Sea level is set to rise at least three feet during the next few decades, NASA scientists and ice researchers said this week, updating their latest research and findings on how fast the world’s ice sheets and glaciers are melting. 573 more words


Narwhal watercolor study

Painting watercolors of endangered animals

The Narwhal whale with its very special unicorn like horn live up in the arctic waters, where they are endangered both by pollution, increased human drilling and fishing activities and fast disappearing polar ice cover because of climate change.  69 more words


Pirate ship in Taitung, Taiwan

The weather wasnt good on almost half of our trip, thats not good. We were going to Green Island after Kaohsiung, it also very rush because we couldnt buy a better time for train. 292 more words


Follow an Expedition in Greenland on board the M/S Fram

 Photo credit: Visit Greenland

Recently, two of my favorite colleagues took an expedition with the M/S Fram, a Norwegian cruise ship, along the west coast of Greenland. 148 more words


While You Were on Vacation, a Chunk of Ice the Size of an Asteroid Fell Into the Ocean

Imagine Manhattan buried under a thousand feet of ice. That’s how much of Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier fell into the Arctic Ocean last week, becoming a 7.8-square-mile iceberg. 396 more words

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