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Fae Life Snaps 

Started a Snapchat account, add me to see if I actually do anything with it! 😂 I would love to see your stories, too!

Simplistic Urban Reprieve

Many have probably heard of or visited Panera Bread at least once in your life. If not, it is a quaint, upscale cafe with a relaxed ambiance, staffed with friendly employees who offer rapid customer service. 355 more words

Single use plastic

Learning to Live Sustainably

Single use plastic

Over the last few months I found myself noticing the amount of unnecessary plastic that was being used for food & product wrappings, and it very quickly began to wind me up. 584 more words

Most Common Products that are Surprisingly NOT Eco

Leading a sustainable lifestyle may seem like a no brainer at first. We recycle, limit driving cars, opt out of plastic bags at the grocery store, and turn off the lights when we leave the room. 601 more words


The 'Learning to Live...' Project

Ok, I have a confession…It is the start of September and as everyone naturally gears up for back to school/uni (I have a lot of teacher friends!), I feel slightly jealous that I’m not. 310 more words

Tomato Harvest

You guys….I did something amazing and I am so proud! So lately this little squishy face has been…well…difficult.

We have had some problems breastfeeding and he went back to waking up every 1-2 hours at night for about 2 weeks. 291 more words

Slow Living

Green Clean

When I was little, vinegar was my moms go to for cleaning. When someone mentioned cleaning the kitchen, my first thought was hot water, essential oils and vinegar. 370 more words

Honest Motherhood