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It's not easy being green

The world. Blue and green with expanding smudges of grey and black. The oceans are dying, the ozone layer is getting poked through by the minute, forests are being razed without a thought. 216 more words


‘Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.’ - Henry David Thoreau

These Birkenstocks aren’t so much a fashion statement as a philosophical statement. Here I’m wearing an investment, not a trend. If we’re on board with homemade and ethically-sourced food, we should choose our clothes with the same ideals: made with love and good intention. 152 more words

Green Tea & Peppermint Toner

Now I’m in my 30’s my skin has actually got worse, not better, as you’d usually expect and I find myself suffering from adult acne. It could be since I came off the pill, opting for a non hormonal alternative, that my hormones are still settling but whatever it is I’m constantly battling spots on my chin and cheeks that leave nasty scars! 232 more words


The Humility of Rice ~ Teachings from the Island of Bali

My Balinese teacher once said to me, if there is one thing to learn from the beautiful island of Bali, it would be to take away with you the teachings of the ‘humble rice’. 462 more words

Conscious Lifestyle

21 Day Mantra -Mindful Meditation-Grounding & Earthing, Barefeet...

Mindful meditation, a practice that can be experienced in various ways. Most importantly we focus on being ‘present’ in the moment and focusing our attention on our inner ‘qi’ life force through our breath. 183 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Does it Mean the End of Fossil Fuel?

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) came up with an artificial leaf that could render fossil fuel obsolete. The “leaf” turns CO2 into fuel mimicking photosynthesis by removing excess carbon from the atmosphere, and converting it into a new sustainable form of energy to power our world. 111 more words