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Why I do not eat animals!

Are you a vegetarian?┬áDo you ever get asked why are you vegetarian/vegan? I get asked this all the time! Does anyone ever say just eat a little piece I won’t tell? 304 more words


Turin, Italy's Urban Treehouse

25 Green, a five level apartment complex in Turin, Italy offers 63 units. All units have terraces containing trees and shrubs. Total, the property contains 150 trees on the terraces, and 50 more in the courtyard. 25 more words


Sustainable Happiness. "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

What is happiness? What makes you happy? A new car, a bigger house, winning the lottery, a higher-paying job, power, fame, more friends, peace, less poverty, health, less body fat? 679 more words


Super Simple Cloth Wipes

When I first started cloth diapering I used disposable wipes, but I soon realized how cloth diapers and cloth wipes go hand in hand. It’s so much more convenient to throw the wipe and diaper together in the wet bag. 328 more words


Kermie was right - It Ain't Easy Being Green

I have a friend who says I’m 1/16% hippie. I’ve wanted to bump up that percentage for some time now. I burn incense and use essential oils, believe in the law of attraction and majored in Psych, and I love a good Bob Marley track, so I do believe I’ve got some hippie in me, but I’m not nearly as earth-friendly as I should be (and I think thats a huge part). 511 more words

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Going Green by Mistake

So several months ago our dryer broke. Now this isn’t a huge issue for us as we have another home with another washer dryer. Being that we plan on selling the house with the broken dryer and will no longer need the appliance replacing it just wasn’t something we were willing to invest money in. 365 more words

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Mid Winter Musings...

There is something quite magical and calming about gardening in the dead of Winter. The garden takes on an eerie quiet and as a gardener, I love the fact that the stillness allows me to go about my business in a methodical pace rather than the usual rush and tumble urgency that takes place in the other seasons. 721 more words