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Mid Winter Musings...

There is something quite magical and calming about gardening in the dead of Winter. The garden takes on an eerie quiet and as a gardener, I love the fact that the stillness allows me to go about my business in a methodical pace rather than the usual rush and tumble urgency that takes place in the other seasons. 721 more words


Mass Extinction

There have been 5 mass extinctions, the first occurred 440 million years ago (mya) the last 65mya. We are currently experiencing the beginning of a 6th. 677 more words

So fresh and so clean clean

Bug has been having trouble with Excema lately. At least, that’s what we think it is. The patches on his skin are barely visible but he scratches all the time. 408 more words

The Teeny-Tiny Vacation Option

Mini-Dwellings Make Travel a Lark

Tiny vacation cottages offer a simple, cozy setting for taking time off together and spell crazy fun—a huge improvement over sterile motel rooms. 211 more words

Green Living

rice porridge with caramelized bananas

Wondering what to do with your left over rice?

Rice porridge is my new favourite thing. It is such a warming, tummy filling, healthy start to the day. 148 more words


fish tacos

Mexican feasts happen regularly at our place. I find every time that we eat mexican, its like a party!

There is something about eating with your hands and having bowls full of all sorts of yummy things strewn all over the table, that creates a celebration like atmosphere. 452 more words


Looking at nature = better brain

As I mentioned in my last post, the psychological effects of green spaces could be potentially huge. According to new research published in the Environmental Psychology Journal… 227 more words