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barefaced beauty

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much time we spend in front of the mirror. While I enjoy getting dolled up as much as the next girl, getting ready EVERY single day can feel like a chore. 903 more words


An epidemic of procreation

Overpopulation is a problem of virtually the entire world, but in the third world, it’s much more of a pressing matter. We are a third world country, and even by that standard, we have way too many people around. 817 more words


Slightly off topic: Green beauty

Since becoming pregnant and choosing to breastfeed (fingers crossed) I have become increasingly aware of chemicals in our daily products and how the leach into the body, many crossing the placental barrier and more getting into breast milk.  930 more words

General Updates

Ride into the Sunset with Divvy Bike Week!

Celebrate Earth Day, C’mon (sing with us)! Keep your Earth Day vibes going on all week with Divvy Bike Week!

April 22-29, 2016 is officially  213 more words


5 Healthy Habits for Earth Day

Let’s make healthy, adulty choices for Earth Day and Beyond.

Hello #adulters and Happy Earth Day!

I’ve recently become more invested in learning about our environment and all of the devastating effects of our terrible habits (check out… 853 more words


earth day tips

Happy Earth Day, loves! In honor of today’s cause, I think it’s so important to embrace our love for Mother Earth — but even more important to share our thoughts and concerns on… 477 more words


#GreenLiving - Our Clothesline

We bought out house last April.  After being cooped up in a condo for 5 years, I was more than ready to have my own piece of land again – room to run around, gardening, and saving Mother Earth every way I can!   208 more words