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june thrift hauls.

•5 glass food storage/cosmetic jars

•1 glass water pitcher

•1 watering can

•full set of bamboo utensils with bamboo storage

•1 wood spoon

•cream colored sweater… 501 more words


"all-purpose" cleaner.

most of my posts are recipes & tricks that have worked well for me ; I’ll never say they are foolproof & I’ll always encourage you to research & try your own things as well! 182 more words


Converting Garage Into Room

Garage Converting Into a Room

Converting Your Garage Into a Room One of the greatest ways to increase home value is by converting a garage into a room. 552 more words

Eco Solar Home Improvement


COMPOST: decomposed organic matter also referred to as “black gold.” basically, nature’s way of recycling. 

There are so many ways to compost depending on your lifestyle and where you live, but most of them are pretty easy to attain. 333 more words


Kicking off My Cast With Herbs

          As a blooming ethno-botanist, I will find a herbal cure or experiment with some sort of concoction long before turning to any sort of Western medicine. 512 more words


A few weeks ago I started this series of Zero-Waste decluttering tips as an add-on for my KonMari organization service. In the first category, I suggested options for the clothes we discard. 758 more words


Superfood: CACAO


CACAO {theobroma cacao}

Is the original source of chocolate that comes from the fruit of the cacao tree. When most people think of chocolate they think of Snickers, Hershey’s and Almond Joy. 156 more words