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Nowadays, happiness is almost fading with all of these sorrows surrounding us from every corner. Starting from media to even people’s faces when we pass by, it feels as if they have forgotten how to smile, even though it has been proven that smiling does trick the mind into feeling happier and lift up the spirit, though I am not saying that we should be programmed to smile 24/7 without feeling any pain, of course not, however we can make each other feel a bit better, even just by a small act like smiling. 265 more words

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Healthy Tummy Tip: 10 reasons to use Silicon Tupperware

First healthy tummy tip, hope you’ll find it useful.

You can put so much effort into cooking healthy tummy recipes but they would be such a waste if you’d place them in a plastic tupperware. 221 more words


Veeda - Natural Feminine Care Products

Feminine care is something we don’t talk enough about. I can understand why. There is not need to go into the detail, but it is important for us women to know our options and consequences that might appear when not the best choice is made. 446 more words


My Seventh Generation: Healthy Baby Home Party!

I had the awesome opportunity to host a Healthy Baby Home Party featuring Seventh Generation and other great brands such as Bobble and Annie’s Homegrown.  Check out some of the great giveaways they sent… 121 more words

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Interested in Seed Saving?

Here’s a fabulous event in South Jersey, for all levels of gardeners. I am a neophyte to seed saving, and am excited about learning more from this circle. 99 more words

Enviro-Log is Perfect for All of Your Christmas Fires This Holiday Season

Will you be firing up the fireplace or fire pits this holiday season?  We always love to have a warm fire going in the fireplace during all of our holiday festivities.  340 more words