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Taste back Thursday: Vegie Bar (Fitzroy, Melbourne, AUS)

For those who have never heard of Vegie Bar, (Melbourne, Australia), it’s what some may call a Herbivore institution. It is the go-to eatery in Melbourne for your daily requirement of vitamin-fueled vegetables, especially after a long day at work or if you’re busy with exercise and errands. 127 more words


Choose This Over That: The Loofah

Buying synthetic sponges is the most convenient, as they are a cheap option in convenient stores and supermarkets. But the money and time we are saving from the purchase is actually a bad investment to our health and the environment. 428 more words


Zero Waste Popcorn

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to popcorn. Like, seriously. I would eat it all day if I could. I used to eat so so much microwave popcorn, but it always kind of freaked me out. 315 more words


2.5 Weeks and Counting.

It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve made the public commitment to start changing my lifestyle, one small homespun step at a time. 164 more words


New Digs for the Worm Friends - And a Food Digester?

My little worm friends have gotten an upgrade! They moved from a tupperware-like dish to a proper wormery. I went to a composting workshop last week and they were selling the “Can-O-Worms” vermi-composter at a super reduced price.  440 more words


Perfect World

Europe, U.S. Scientists, Engineers, Architects, Techies & alikes Research and Work for environmental/human sustainable development whilst Lebanon and Arabs are million years far into barbarism, religious dilemmas, dwell with wars and flop into stupidity. 18 more words


Tiny fridges and Organic markets

This post by the zerowastechef recently reaffirmed many of the practices I have been incorporating into my life. A lot of my motivation to go zerowaste and minimalist was due to my move into a small house three years ago with a tiny kitchen and an even tinier fridge. 597 more words