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Consequences of our Acidic Oceans

As we all know there’s been a rapid increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as a direct consequence of our way of life, burning fossil fuels for our primary source of electricity. 509 more words

Did You Know?

How do I make Roller Blends?

GREAT guideline for dilution from our upline Diamond leader, Wendy Mercure:

Here is a quick reference for you to use when mixing up blends for your roller bottles. 165 more words

Essential Oils

5 Tips for Vegetarian Shopping on a Budget

One of the biggest complaints I hear when talking to people about eating healthy and vegetarian diets is the cost. However, this excuse is lazy at best and insubstantial at worst. 521 more words

Composting in 5 Easy Steps

I’ve read many articles and a few books on methods for composting, but it all boils down to tending, microbes and mixture.  They all say just about the same thing, so I figure I’ll share the 5 steps we took to start composting successfully. 818 more words

Functions of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Airconditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Airconditioners have many functions. Learn what those functions are and be well-informed.

First category:

Clean Operation/Filters Functions

 Vitamin C Filter*


  • The new filter technology releases Vitamin C into the air with Whitening.
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Air-cond TIPS

Simpler ideas: Quick eco hacks

Obviously it is mostly the big things that count (for real). When talking green it is the bigger picture of the food you eat, how you live and what transportation you use that matters. 194 more words