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Agrihoods: housing for millennials

Nobody can deny that millennials are an important cohort nowadays. Growing up in an increasingly online and socially-connected world, idealism, consciousness and diversity’s tolerance seem to be the most common traits.  295 more words


Detoxing Your Bathroom

Making the switch to a nontoxic lifestyle is one I speak about quite often.  The bathroom is one of the first places to start.  Your body takes in toxins three different ways: ingestion (what you eat), inhalation (what you breathe in), and absorption (what you put on your skin).   847 more words


To thrift or not to thrift...

I love thrifting… WHEN it’s a hit! It is my fave thing to do on a Saturday morning, rummaging through knick knacks until you find THE one 😍Not gonna lie, the whole “only one” situation at the gets me way too often than it should. 266 more words

How to Create a Sustainable and Cozy Den this season

As the temperature starts to drop this month, you may be ready for a cozier look for the home. Yet, when it comes to buying eco-friendly home textiles, it may not be as intuitive as you think. 456 more words


self care ritual.

Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of people talk about what their daily routines are, and lots of people discussing their anxiety, stress, & depression.

I’m not saying in any way that a self care ritual will completely take away your negative emotions or “fix” anything at all, but the past few months have taught me that taking care of yourself is crucial. 184 more words


Talkin' Trash

The fashion world has a lot of faces, and the sad truth is that many of them aren’t so pretty. In fact, for someone just learning about fashion production from a sustainable viewpoint for the first time, the ways in which the industry has negatively impacted the environment and human rights can be really scary. 508 more words


Fae Life Snaps 

Started a Snapchat account, add me to see if I actually do anything with it! 😂 I would love to see your stories, too!