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Zero Waste Toothpaste

||The various components compirsing the typical toothpaste tube can include any number of plastics, aluminium, steel and even nylon. For a toothpaste tube to be recycled it means each of these components must be processed separately. 358 more words

Zero Waste

Coca Cola said yes to a recycling and deposit return scheme

The biggest soft drinks producer and the Scotland government have made an agreement in the implementation of a deposit return scheme in order to increase the recycling rates. 132 more words


Smart Cities for a society of longer lives

“We are currently in a society where people live longer. Smart cities are a response to this.” said Laurent Abadie, CEO of Panasonic Europe. His words are clear, smart cities are not only about technology and the environment but also about people’ well-being, about which services we can offer to people and make their lives better. 348 more words


A better understanding on ocean garbage behavior

Some scientists from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science created a model in which they could identify simulate and follow the transportation pattern of floating marine debris. 121 more words


Floating wetlands, the perfect water cleaners

Floating wetlands are natural systems that may be simple and rather odd but they could become a very effective treatment for wastewater due to their double purpose of taking up pollutants from water and serve as habitat for small fish and amphibians. 88 more words


My War on Stuff

In a time where I feel like I can’t do anything on the massive scale that I would like. I start to reevaluate to a smaller “me sized” scale. 388 more words