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What does 'Green Living' mean for me?

It is so hard to put my thoughts in words about this topic, because it can mean so many different things to so many different people and that’s cool. 1,075 more words


Refreshing and Healthy: Lemon Ginger Tea

The other day I was feeling a bit cold and it seemed as if I was going to catch a cold. I put on some extra clothing, took some rest and felt relieved. 602 more words


What on earth is a Soap Nut?!

Well hey I’m Soap Nut and I’m pretty much one of the most awesome eco-friendly natural products on the planet. I grow on a tree shrub called Sapindus Mukorossi and I’m found in the Himalayas. 1,139 more words


5 reasons to Love the Green Living Show 💚🌱🌎

1.      It’s full of family fun. The first show I ever went to was back in 2008 when I made my family bring in as many used electronics as possible for recycling. 546 more words



Decluttering can be a difficult thing to do for many people. We hold such value to the objects we own that sometimes so much becomes accumulated that it actually prevents us from enjoying the things in life which are most important. 482 more words

Waste Free Shopping Bags

One of the simplest waste-free changes I’ve made is ditching plastic bags. This is wonderfully common now, as most grocery stores sell inexpensive, reusable shopping bags for about a buck a piece. 453 more words


Cork — the renewable and sustainable material that is often overlooked

With eco-everything on trend, there have been dozens of revolutionary inventions to waste less water and energy. In recent years we have seen the waterless washing machine, the nano garden, the steam dishwasher, and more. 418 more words

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