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Ethical Gets Easy

A big problem I’ve had trying to buy ethically is the greenwash effect. This is when a product markets as ethical but the overall company or parent company isn’t ethical at all. 376 more words


Reducing my trash- The change begins TODAY

I’ve been interested in reducing my trash for some time now. It’s easy to think about the idea but a little harder to put in place. 489 more words


How I Live Now

As promised, blog post number two will highlight how I currently live. This will hopefully give you ideas on how you can be Ethical in London and help me see where and how I can improve. 898 more words


It's blog o'clock

Thanks for looking at my blog. This is a space for myself to record my experiences in making more ethical and sustainable life choices for myself whilst living in… 150 more words


Diet who? That doughnut just ruined my life!

I think 90% of my friends (including myself) constantly think about our food choices. It’s not like we act upon our better judgement. It’s more that there is an awareness of naughty food and when we are being naughty. 145 more words



Here are some simple tips that will help you save money by lowering your Electric Utility Bill.

Switch off equipment when not in use

Turn appliances off at the wall socket, instead of leaving them on standby. 381 more words