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tips on "going" organic

When I lived in NYC, “dinner” for me usually consisted of a dollar slice of pizza (eaten while walking home from work… 905 more words


Go green with your home and living

Living green is a widely popular concept and is attracting a lot of attention. People all over the world are realizing the benefits of acquiring a healthy, green life in order to give back to the environment. 555 more words


vintage fixer upper

Between this awful cold I’ve been battling and my total enamorment with catching up on Game of Thrones, I’ve haven’t taken the time to post any furniture upcycling recently. 252 more words


recovering shopaholic

Just a brief thought for today:

I’ve spent a good majority of my life being utterly and completed obsessed with shopping. A new jacket, new accent pillows, new… 217 more words


3D Printed Buildings Are Works of Modern Art | Monday for Mavericks #25

With the ongoing financial crisis, refugee intake, and the run for presidency every six months, the European Union (EU) has plenty on their plate. The next Presidency of the EU Council will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, inside an unconventional yet strikingly modern work of art. 307 more words

Mondays With C

CO2 Levels Are Killing My Childhood

Imagine being kid again, when the most magical thing in your life was the possible existence of fighting cartoon animals. Although that statement could refer to half the cartoons we watched in the 1990’s and 2000’s -Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon- the one I’d like to focus on is the most culturally-prevalent of them all. 676 more words


Super Soft Almond Face Scrub

Winter weather is playing havoc with my skin, it was dry and dull and in desperate need of some TLC!  This gentle face scrub uses ground almonds to gently buff away dead skin cells and coconut oil to provide moisture.  130 more words

Holistic Living