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#067 - Greenpeace will be remembered in history as monsters - The League of Nerds


Myles and James talk about one of the fantastic inventions of the modern era, the GMO Golden rice. This is a rice that produces vitamin A (actually make the precursor that the body turns into vitamin A). 106 more words

The League Of Nerds

Greenpeace: on a crusade or on an oe?

A bit before the last General Election I had a Greenpeace fundraiser knock on my door. Pleasant enough young lady who had flown in from Canada to warn me about the devious way my government had conspired to expose me to the risks of deep-sea oil drilling off the south island coast. 1,662 more words


#050 - Is Greenpeace Good for the Environment? - The League of Nerds


Myles and James are once again joined by Gaz from Leicester Skeptics in the Pub. This week we ask “Is Greenpeace good for the environment?’

The League Of Nerds

Green Jobs For Filipinos

Senator Loren Legarda today stressed on the importance of promoting green skills and green jobs, stating that it would provide employment opportunities and boost climate change adaptation efforts in the country. 299 more words