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Did President Obama Really Let Shell Oil Flush the Arctic?

I love my president, Barack Obama. But, I love truth, reality, and justice much more.

Obama has done a TON of good amidst unprecedented obstruction. All dripping with Republican race-hate and otherwise evil regressive right wing anti-American urine trickled down on him from the penthouse suite. 445 more words

The gift that keeps on giving: of solar panels and Australian Prime Ministers #climate #auspol

On 20 October 1997 a team of Greenpeace activists scaled the walls surrounding Kirribilli House, the Sydney residence of Australian Prime Minister, John Howard. Solar panels were rushed past the security guards and lifted up on to the roof as a ‘gift’ to the Prime Minister.

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History Of Climate Change

When issue management becomes war on activists

Conflict between industrial development and conservation has long been a battlefield between environmentalists, big business and big government. But the escalating ”war” against activists is a real threat to democracy and legitimate issue debate. 471 more words

Issue Management

Solariza simula um Brasil movido a energia solar

Jogo do Greenpeace mapeia potencial de energia solar do País e premia com instalação de painéis solares

Uma plataforma interativa que permite visualizar todos os telhados brasileiros, simular a instalação de placas fotovoltaicas em cada um deles e calcular o potencial do País para a geração de energia solar. 855 more words


30 years on - Rainbow warrior in Auckland 

30 years after the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Marsden Wharf, Auckland on the 10th July 1985, the Rainbow Warrior III was welcomed back by crowds of environmentalists, hippies and tourists. 226 more words

Respire Lettre

After reading Respire we had to write a letter to an environmental organisation and express our interest. In order to make my letter unique and interesting I chose to write the letter from the perspective of the young child who has now grown up and wants to help fix the problems caused by his past generations. 299 more words

Paperless Classroom


Today, information from around the world is almost instantaneous.  We receive images from events taking place all around the world and the world is able to respond.   545 more words

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