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Lucy Lawless joins Greenpeace's green jihad

NewsHub reports Lucy Clueless … er … Lawless, of Xena and Battlestar Galactica fame, has decided to join Greenpeace in their campaign to protest oil exploration and drilling conducted by the Norwegian company Statoil in the Barents Sea off the coasts of Norway and Russia. 298 more words


Sophia Latjuba

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International court rewards Greenpeace nihilism

An international court has ruled against Russia in a dispute involving a 2013 Greenpeace protest. This after the same court ruled the country should compensate the Netherlands… 360 more words


Russia says Greenpeace boat seizure ruling encourages illegal action

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia rejected a ruling by an international arbitration court which said Moscow must pay damages for seizing a Dutch-flagged Greenpeace vessel, saying on Thursday that the decision would only encourage illegal protests. 6 more words

Greenpeace is committing the biggest crime against mankind - A brief insight on GMOs

Sit down, because this will be a long one. You will now hear what an independent viewer, meaning I don’t work for any company nor am I a Greenpeace activist, has to say about this all GMO and Greenpeace debate. 5,606 more words

Artificial Selection

Nobel Laureates: Greenpeace is "killing people" with false claims about golden rice

A very good podcast at The Genetic Literacy Project

Today’s genomics explosion has foundations in seminal discoveries in molecular biology almost 50 years ago. Taking Biotech guest Sir Richard Roberts was a pivotal figure in a number of these areas. 221 more words