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Greenpeace seeks to shut down dissent with media help

In the spirit of other efforts on the left to squelch free speech, Greenpeace has now taken it upon itself to clamp down on dissent. They are going to make an example of companies such as Resolute Forest Products that sue the green group for their campaigns that make untrue allegations. 445 more words


The Logging Company That Wants to Take Down Greenpeace

A Canadian company is suing Greenpeace for $220 million—and it might have a case

Written by David Ferry and published in Outside the 16th of May 2017…

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May 24, 1994 - Labor Foreign Affairs Minister on the UNFCCC

I’m as happy to bash the Howard government (1996-2007) for its egregious record of environmental vandalism as the next guy.  But let’s not pretend, please, that the Labor governments before and after them were wonderful.   1,029 more words

Carbon Tax Battle 94/95

How Global Warming Saved the Planet

Fifteen years after co-founding Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore left the group to establish a more sensible, science-based approach to environmentalism. Dr. Moore joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the impact of increased CO2 in the atmosphere, the myth of ocean acidification, manipulating earth temperature data sets, environmentalist anti-humanism, verbal abuse from the left, genetically modified organism (GMOs) and how “Global Warming” saved the planet! 26 more words

Climate Change