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"Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet Meets Brooklyn for one Seriously Audacious Themed Costume Party"

Why this party? why this theme? Why begin this daunting task of promotional events at the age of 30?

Because, I can do it better than it’s being done and something must be done (in general).

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Pieces of NYC 77: Small Town Neighborhoods

Usually when people who’ve never before been to New York envision it, they picture the glass and steel high rises of Midtown.  Sure, there are a lot of those, and you can see them from a great distance. 32 more words


Best Things I Ate in 2017

Last year, to cap off 2016, I made a reverse resolution. “What’s that?” You say. Well, it means that I made a promise to myself to eat pie every day between Christmas and New Year’s. 245 more words


Pieces of NYC 73: Pulaski Bridge

When thinking of New York City bridges, one generally envisions the Brooklyn Bridge, or maybe even one of the other large East River-spanning bridges.  Their views are spectacular, but so is the view from the bridge that connects Brooklyn and Queens, the Pulaski Bridge.  8 more words


Pieces of NYC 72: The Watertower

This watertower in Greenpoint is the quintessential vintage NYC watertower (in my mind).


Comic book features New York City life

From the subway to a slice of pizza, inspiration is everywhere in the city.

An illustrator and actor in New York has turned some of his experiences into a comic book series. 72 more words


Movie Set Explosion Planned For Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Brooklyn residents may hear an explosion and see a giant fireball Tuesday evening.

It’s all part of a movie shoot happening in Greenpoint. 67 more words