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What Happens in Platbos, Stays in Platbos

The view from the planting site

Sometimes it’s good to just disappear into the horizon, on your own, with only the patchiest of plans. This is what I did the weekend past. 1,631 more words


If Green is the new Black - Platbos is the new Health Retreat

How often do we read about rejuvenating, reenergising, and restoring our body and mind in stunning looking spas and health retreats? Glossy brochures of wellness centres with pictures of beautiful people wrapped in white, fluffy bathrobes walking through tranquil facilities, offering an array of holistic and sometimes even eccentric treatments that come with big promises and hefty price tickets. 474 more words


Make your adventures eco-friendly

I guess you could say ecotourism is a fairly new concept. I never really knew about it until I accepted an internship with an environmental company in Cape Town, South Africa. 453 more words


Top Marks to The Body Shop, Eczema and Paying it Forward

The Body Shop are coming top in the social media/customer service experiences of the week. My mum commented on someone’s Tweet how a Body Shop product had worked wonders on my little brother’s eczema and the saw it and sent him this lovely gift of four full sized Body Butters and a card too. 560 more words

Skin Care

After The Passion: Taking Organisations Beyond The Start-Up Phase

Today we learnt valuable lessons from successful founders and leaders who have taken their organisations beyond the start-up phase: Bulelwa Basse (Lyrical Base), Nomvula Dlamini (CDRA), Charles Maisel (Innovation Shack), Lauren O’Donnell (Greenpop) with Moderator Gayle Northrop (UCLA, UCT). Peer-to-peer learning at its best!

Social Upliftment

Planting trees for the ones you love how cool is that?

I’m working on my promised volunteer posts, you know me I have a stack of drafts in the bag at all times… 27 at the moment but a holiday coming up so time to complete lots of them. 1,274 more words


Making Magical Forests!

For the Mother’s day weekend in May, I headed off to the Platbos Forest near Gaansbaai for a weekend of working with children, planting trees, camping and communing with nature during the annual Greenpop Family Fest. 1,618 more words

Fort Building