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The healthiest lettuces and leafy greens for you, ranked

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When it comes to the leafy greens you put in your salads, not all are created equal.

So which leaves and lettuces should you use in your salad to justify the croutons, bacon, and tasty dressing you add? 700 more words


What it's like to use the $400 juicer that people are freaking out about

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It’s already being called “Juicegate”

On Wednesday, Bloomberg broke the news that the high-end juicer backed by Silicon Valley’s elite venture capitalists wasn’t even needed to squeeze out the juice.  1,528 more words


Straya: Greens hate Christians

Malcolm Roberts is a newly minted Australian Senator who is on fire.  He stood up in the Aussie senate chamber to deliver this missive to the thugs who want to shut Christians down. 7 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Pissed at this? Read on baby!

If you get angry at profiling those who are most likely to attack innocent people, then yes; you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. 31 more words


The Vertical Farm

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No. 212 Rome Street, in Newark, New Jersey, used to be the address of Grammer, Dempsey & Hudson, a steel-supply company. It was like a lumberyard for steel, which it bought in bulk from distant mills and distributed in smaller amounts, mostly to customers within a hundred-mile radius of Newark. 5,547 more words


RANKED: These are the healthiest salad greens

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When walking up to the salad bar, it’s often a struggle to decide which leafy greens to put in next to your croutons and tasty dressing. 89 more words


Chickpeas and Greens with Bacon

I told you I was going to feature the pressure cooker again soon, didn’t I? The first time cooking dried chickpeas in the pressure cooker was such a success: 8-hours of soaking, about 10 minutes for the pressure cooker to warm up, and 6-7 minutes of steady cooking resulted in perfect beans, whereas regular stovetop simmering would have added more than an hour. 615 more words