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Late Night?? Try This for Breakfast!

Had a late night last night!  Woohoo!  Rain didn’t stop us…Happy Birthday Maria!!

Hubby wanted a little more than a smoothie…so what do you do??? Pop 4 Free Range Organic eggs, a little green salsa, handful of power greens, and a little pepper into the Nutri-Bullet…blend!   75 more words


The sweet potato's diamond-shaped leaves

The next time you would like greens for dinner, look beyond spinach (the old stand-by) but also look beyond kale (the flashy rising star). You may not find these at a big grocery store, but the farmer’s markets and Asian stores are usually packed with leaves of all shapes and sizes bundled together with a trifling rubber band. 629 more words


Intersectional feminism and the NSW Greens: catch up or get left behind by @donayrials @AndyAZephyr

We need to talk about what we want when we say we want gender equality. Do we want the liberation of women? Some women? Only women? 658 more words


Avocado-Tahini Dressing

This looks like a yummy dressing out of the book, “Wild About Greens!”

Avocado-Tahini Dressing

Makes about 1 1/2 cups…enough for 12 to 16 ounces of cooked greens, plus extra! 88 more words

Food And Nutrition

Know Your Produce? Oak Leaf Lettuce

Green Oak Leaf lettuce is a small loose leaf type of lettuce. The leaves have the appearance of oak leaves-lobed and loosely serrated- and grow upward and outward, somewhat close together and attached to a singular base. 71 more words


Skinny Salad

继Skinny Pizza之后,Spa Esprit旗下最近延伸出沙拉品牌Skinny Salads,借此更亲近都市人近年对蔬菜、鲜果的追求。但既然隶属蔡玲玲(Cynthia Chua)的餐馆,这个沙拉吧的诠释,肯定与别不同。

Skinny Salads的菜单,由Toque 12 TV的明星厨师Philip Davenport of Toque设计,他这次为沙拉吧创作8个沙拉组合及7个卷饼(wrap)选择,产品带有摩登的色彩,采用许多现代人熟悉的超级食材(SuperFoods),另外也巧妙借用来自不同地区不同料理的味道,丰富这个沙拉吧的选择。
这个现点现做的沙拉吧,旨在呈现餐馆水准沙拉。入店见食材一字排开,目前正夯的“超级食材”如羽衣甘蓝(kale)、嘉种子(chia seeds)、藜麦(quinoa)与各种沙拉菜、芽菜、香菜、番茄、豆类、种子、芝麻都罗列出来,五颜六色的,让人心情畅快。

以烤金枪鱼和菊苣(Seared tuna and Radicchio,$13.5)为例,这个菊苣、生菜、樱桃番茄、马铃薯、凤尾鱼、橄榄的组合,纳入香煎金枪鱼块,这和外头为省时省事,仅采用罐头金枪鱼的做法有别。淋上自制罗勒与红葱酱汁,便是营养的一餐。


发酵蔬菜及其产生的益生菌,有促进消化的好处。考虑到这是都市人的需要,这家沙拉吧也制作一道发酵白菜与柚子($11.50),以柚子酱汁捞两种发酵白菜、金针菇、腌葱等,酸中带甜,口感特别好。 34 more words


Farmivore Review

Farmivore Review

I am sure all of you know I was a raw vegan for around six months to a year in my early twenties and green juice was a STAPLE in my diet. 309 more words