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May 2015 Cooking Class

I am behind in my posts, so catching up by posting the recipes from the May cooking class. This was the first cooking class since Dec 2014 and it was wonderful to see many participants returning from last year and many new faces as well. 1,074 more words


Foreign Riders: It Took a While

Heh, like the title? Well, it did take a while to get this cosmetic together, longer than most which just fall into place by magic (and Gandalf helps with that). 374 more words


Green horizon

While travelling you always find some unexpected sceneries which bounds you to stop to just gaze at the views gifted by us by the nature. While anyone can find lush green fields easily in India, however this picture has something extra to make it more than just a good old farming fields. 58 more words


The Liberal Party Must Allow MPs A Free Vote On Gay Marriage

I DON’T SUPPORT gay marriage, but the issue will arise repeatedly if improperly considered by Parliament; with some in the ALP trying to bind MPs to a “yes” vote and the… 1,651 more words

Greg Presland et al versus Helen Clark

Greg Presland has asked for help in researching a post on “all the stupid spends the Government has made lately”:

For a future post I would appreciate some help.

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Why are greens so keen to destroy the world’s wildlife?

This pursuit of the dream of “carbon-free energy” is creating an ecological catastrophe

Christopher Booker — The Telegraph — July 4, 2015

Last week’s scenes of green campaigners exulting at the decision by 10 Lancashire county councillors to reject an application to erect a drilling rig for fracking near Preston – on the grounds that it would have an “adverse urbanising effect on the landscape” – recalled a piece I wrote in January, headed “Which ‘environment’ do ‘environmentalists’ really care about?”.

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Ravaging The World Environmentalist-style