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Multiple delays to slow travel between Alle-Kiski Valley, Greensburg

Starting next week, drivers traveling from the Alle-Kiski Valley to Greensburg will have multiple delays for several months as three road projects begin. After a … 9 more words

Go Green Or Go Greensburg

I completed my final day of nine straight days blogging but I thought it was necessary to include some information about this trip, program, and town. 2,071 more words


Goodbyes Are Never Easy

I am going to be honest with you all right now, I am currently jamming out to Hunter Hayes song 21 and I have no shame what so ever! 783 more words


Confidence Is Key

July 22st was the day move to my fourth family in less than a week. As I woke up that morning, I slowly got ready just in time to leave on time. 2,207 more words


Dancing With Guns

You know what is nice? Waking up to hear nothing but a few birds chirping and the wind rustling through the few trees that are around; not a single car driving down the dirt roads to make noise. 1,990 more words


The Wishing Well

As I sit here and watch Toy Story 3 for possibly the hundredth time while drinking some classic unsweetened iced tea, I write this post. It’s day three everyone! 1,764 more words


Eight Second Ride

Day two of seven is about to be conquered! Yesterday I wrote about my travels to Kansas and I forgot something that baffled me on the plane ride. 1,141 more words