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World Peace Cookies- My new favorite

Hello Bakers and Happy New Year! I know a lot of you are about to get on your grind. You’re renewing gym memberships, planning incredibly balanced meals, and generally getting your life together. 944 more words

Sunday Bake

Recommended holiday reading: The Man Who Knew

The best economics and finance book of 2016 is undoubtedly Sebastian Mallaby’s masterful biography of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, The Man Who Knew… 373 more words

If Trump Nominates John Allison as Bank Supervisor at the Fed, It Will Be a Triumph for Charles Koch and the Loony Ideas of Ayn Rand and Greenspan

Source: Wall Street On Parade, by Pam Martens and Russ Martens

On December 4 the Wall Street Journal reported that President-elect Donald Trump was considering the following three individuals for Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve for Bank Supervision: John Allison, the long serving head of BB&T bank and a Board Member of the right-wing Cato Institute which was… 590 more words


9/19/2016 Record Breakers Chart

Good afternoon hip hop fans! Below you’ll find the latest Top 40/Top 5 adds in indy hip hop radio and this week’s #1 is REKS’ Alchemist produced “Kites” out on Brick Records. 418 more words


Greenspan: "Crazies May Undermine The Country"

Source: Zero Hedge

Alan Greenspan just can’t stay away from the spotlight these days.

The 90-year-old, former Fed chairman, who in recent years has sounded surprisingly similar to Trump (or perhaps it’s the other way around), most notably in late June when he warned that “ 360 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Silver: The Rip Van Winkle metal - Chris Martenson

Mike Gleason* of Moneymetals.com interviews Chris Martenson

Chris comments on geo-politics, geo-economics and on whether one should invest in gold and silver.

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to be joined by Dr. 4,752 more words

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