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The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Market (Bitcoin Bubble?)

A few massive investors can rock it with a shrug.

By Olga Kharif (Bloomberg)

December 8, 2017, 5:00 AM EST


How Long? Fed Finally Starts Shrinking Balance Sheet .. By 0.27% (Will Take 7 Years To Unwind At This Rate)

Finally, The Federal Reserve has started shrinking its prodigous balance sheet. By a whopping 0.27%.

According to the New York Federal Reserves’ System System Open Market Account (SOMA) report for November 29, 2017, the Fed’s balane sheet shrunk by 11.59 billion from the previous week. 28 more words

This Flat Yield Curve Is No Greenspan Conundrum (Low Inflation Prevails)

  • Fed Study Says San Francisco Fed research blames low inflation, neutral rate
  • There’s some risk that term premium could rise abruptly

(Bloomberg) —  This isn’t Alan Greenspan’s yield curve. 510 more words

Bond Traders Should Prepare for Yield Curve to Zero Out in 2018 (Really?)

(Bloomberg) — Just how much further can the relentless flattening of the U.S. yield curve go? All the way to zero, according to T. Rowe Price Group. 631 more words

US Industrial Production Rises To 2.88% YoY, Capacity Utilization Rises To 77% (M2 Velocity Still Dead)

Call it rebound from the horrible hurricanes in Texas, Florida and even Georgia. The October Industrial Production numbers are out and IP YoY climbed to 2.88%. 87 more words