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US Treasury 30Y-5Y Slope Flattens To Lowest Since Mid-Nov '07 As M2 Velocity Hits All-time Low

The US Treasury curve slope (30Y-5Y) continues to flatten and has just hit the low point since mid-November 2007, nearly a year before The Fed’s annoucement of QE1 (their first round of asset purchases). 40 more words

Inflation Friday: Despite Hurricane Hoopla, "Inflation" Remains Subdued (Real Wages YoY Decline)

Listening to CNBC and Bloomberg TV, you might have gotten the impression that Hurricanes Harvery and Irma created such extensive damage (they did) that there would be labor shortages and a big rise in real wages. 69 more words

September Jobs Report: Hurricanes And Largest Gain in Full-time Employment Since 1999 (Hourly Earnings YoY Highest Since 2009)

The hurricane-impacted jobs report is out for September.

The good news? Full-time employment rose by 935,000! The largest increase since 1999.

And then there is average hourly earnings YoY which just hit the highest growth rate since 2009. 46 more words

Fed's Yellen Backs Off "Inflation Around the Corner," Now Sings 2% Inflation Over The Next Few Years

(Bloomberg) — Fed Chair Janet Yellen said FOMC may have misjudged fundamental forces driving inflation and strength of labor market, and policy makers “stand ready to modify our views based on what we learn.” 485 more words

Fed Keeps Target Rate Unchanged, Yellen Sings "Tomorrow" For Balance Sheet Unwind

As expected, The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) kept their target rate unchanged at 1.25%.

But The Fed announced that asset-shrinking (unwinding their $4.4 trillion balance sheet) would begin in October. 92 more words

US 10Y-2Y Yield Curve Declines On Yellen's Uninteresting J-Hole Speech (VIX Declines As Well)

I read Janet Yellen’s speech at Jackson Hole. And it was so uninteresting that I decided to read the NY Times article entitled “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.” 137 more words

M2 Money Velocity Continues To Collapse Since Monetary Change of 1995

M2 Money Velocity (better known as GDP/M2 Money Stock) continues to collapse. In fact, M2 Money Velocity hit its peak in Q2 1997 under President Bill Clinton. 120 more words