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What does the forest industry and politicians mean by "sustainable use"

I’m mainly involved in the preservation of our last real forests, ie continuity forests which have been used but never been clear cut in the past. 431 more words

CitiPark is actually undermining Westminster council's efforts to discourage diesel

The Times newspaper says that “Drivers of petrol and diesel cars will face higher charges to use private car parks under a plan to tackle pollution”. 191 more words


The problem with opening your eyes...

Awareness is a funny thing isn’t it? When I used to teach graphic design a few years ago I used to impress upon my students the dreadful thing that is the Comic Sans typeface. 712 more words

I didn't learn politics from school

This is the best time to write about Gina Lopez. She has been my favorite subject matter for a few years now ever since that fateful first impression at the Development Academy of the Philippines seven years ago.   274 more words


Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist review – why the human race is heading for the fire | Books | The Guardian

According to Kingsnorth, such people find it hard to be honest with themselves. He was once one of them. We might tell ourselves that The People are ignorant of The Facts and that if we enlighten them they will Act.

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Near Term Human Extinction