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▶ Dr. James Hansen | The War on Our Climate: Taking Ownership of Our Future | Peacestock

 Dr. Hansen discusses the Global Climate Situation re ice melt in the arctic, CO2 emissions, and current emergency status of the planet earth.

Bill Sorem… 331 more words

Corporate Globalization

From Seed to Table[t]: Can Foodie-Tech Startups Change a Neoliberal, Racist, and Capitalist [Food] System? | The Sistah Vegan Project

Dr. Amie “Breeze” Harper, a senior research analyst/strategist for Critical Diversity Solutions (CDS) and intersectional food justice theorist, writes about the gap between tech innovation, venture capital funding, foodie culture, and labor/human rights: 274 more words


Glasgow City Council's Strategic Plan to Nowhere

Glasgow City Council’s consultations website is now inviting comments on a rewritten version of the Strategic Plan for Cycling (you will need to click through to Current Consultations – the amateurish website doesn’t seem to be allowing direct links). 633 more words


Where's the Wonder Bread?

This week’s topic was by special request by an old school pal: bread.

There’s so much to be said about bread, but let me start by saying that this isn’t a post about gluten. 669 more words

Consumer Awareness

Vertical Farmwash

When we have an architecture that fulfils no shelter need, it’s no surprise we get vertical farm proposals that satisfy no real food requirement.

Vertical farms are not going to look like this. 1,089 more words

Misfits' Missives

conscious consumers are the key to ethical fashion

below is a link to a great op-ed for the business of fashion by belgium designer bruno pieters. he is the founder of the fashion label ‘ 332 more words

Ethical Fashion Australia


You’ve met, loved, and lost Food Babe. Here’s Chow Babe – Prettier and Smarter than Food Babe:

(Vain Hair = “affectionate nickname for Vani Hari, The Food Babe”)

Beauty And Ethics