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Vertical Farmwash

When we have an architecture that fulfils no shelter need, it’s no surprise we get vertical farm proposals that satisfy no real food requirement.

Vertical farms are not going to look like this. 1,089 more words

Misfits' Missives

conscious consumers are the key to ethical fashion

below is a link to a great op-ed for the business of fashion by belgium designer bruno pieters. he is the founder of the fashion label ‘ 332 more words

Ethical Fashion Australia


You’ve met, loved, and lost Food Babe. Here’s Chow Babe – Prettier and Smarter than Food Babe:

(Vain Hair = “affectionate nickname for Vani Hari, The Food Babe”)

Beauty And Ethics

Statements of Identity

Small-scale wind-generators, solar panels, grass-covered roofs and other similar efforts are more often statements of identity and aspiration than they are genuinely economically or environmentally worthwhile investments.

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How to Make a Lobbyist Squirm

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=13975 Glyphosate kills. Don’t believe the mounting scientific evidence on the subject? Then just ask a lobbyist to drink a glass of it and see…

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Case Solution for Operation Greenwash Gold : Rio Tinto and the Tainted Medals

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Operation Greenwash Gold : Rio Tinto and the Tainted Medals

Authors :           Jana Seijts, Benjamin Bigio… 196 more words


Link of the day: the perils of greenwashing and idiocracy

Read the full piece at Back From Nature. A lesson in scepticism. Think, learn, research, think again, question everything. But maintain balance and common sense. 167 more words

Recycling Other People's Old Pants