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Do What I Say, Not What I Do

As 2015 slipped into 2016, Feral X began looking for new opportunities for projections and we didn’t have to wait long! Whilst the Fourth Estate incorporates multiple examples of individuals and companies propping up the fossil fuel industry, sometimes it is those that you least expect that can surprise you the most. 178 more words

Guerilla Projection

Guilty of Greenwashing

I grew up with the notion that wearing or producing real fur was immoral. As a child, watching 101 Dalmatians, I learned to hate Cruella De Vil for trying to kill those cute little puppies for their skin. 1,749 more words

Eco-friendly Products

Professor Sir David MacKay, physicist – obituary

“It was here that the consumer could make a difference: “ ’Turn your thermostat down’ is, by my reckoning, the single best piece of advice you can give someone,” he told an interviewer. 158 more words


A Reaction to Gina Lopez' DENR Appointment

It has been quite a while since I have written a post,  and Gina Lopez in the news have resurrected my ecoblogging from the grave. My last post  in 2012 was about… 424 more words

Climate Change

The Danger of a Greenwashed Market and How to Avoid It | Sustainability in Sixty

Greenwashing was first used by Jay Westervelt in his 1986 research into the hotel bathroom placards that were used to promote the reuse of towels in order to “save the planet”.

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How Liberals and Conservatives Like Their “Democracy” | the ruling class observer

But it doesn’t stop there. The rank-and-file Liberal and Conservative throw away, not only their kids’ health, but their very future, indeed, that of society, by protecting their profit-making betters from the ravages of environmentalism.

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快时尚“漂绿”-购买指南 Is doing nothing doing bad ? - A guide to choose from "greenwashing" fast fashion brands

最近一篇讲述牛仔裤“真相”的文章 - 你穿的每一条牛仔裤都在毁灭我们的未来 反复出现在我的朋友圈和知乎的时间线上。作者受2012年德国纪录片牛仔裤的代价的启发,开始对自己的牛仔裤追根溯源。纪录片展示了made in China的廉价牛仔裤触目惊心的制作过程,不仅耗水量巨大、化学残留难以去除,工人的健康也遭受着日复一日的威胁。作者认为消费者间接成为了沉默的同谋者,因为无知而选择无为。底下的评论大多是震惊,讶异自己居然成了这被忽视的罪恶的帮凶。抛去这篇文章的准确性不谈,就作者的观点而言,不由得给我种有种何不食肉糜的感觉。

时尚似乎和绿色环保总是搭点边,尤其是快时尚品牌越来越多在广告营销里出现绿色buzzwords,塑造健康积极的形象。快时尚到底是不是真正关心地球,关注自己带来的影响? 要搞清这个问题,得先问问到底什么是快时尚。 学术文章Fast Fashion, Sustainability, and the Ethical Appeal of Luxury Brands的作者说:

The phrase “fast fashion” refers to low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends. 

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Ethical Shopping