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Foodie Greenwashing: What Is It and Why Does It Make Me So Angry?

You may not have heard the term “greenwashing” before.  I certainly hadn’t, until I was sitting in front of a manager from one of my favourite environmental charities, … 871 more words

Ethical Eating

Green Washing; It's Not Leaving A Green Sock In With The Whites.

…a post from the voice.

Fashion and fraud have long gone hand in hand. With the rise in popularity comes the opportunity to mislead. Green or organic living is no different. 335 more words

Green Bean Challenge

Are Sorbet products natural?

Are Sorbet Products Natural?

I get this question at least once a week; from customers, suppliers, stockists and other interested parties. It’s a hard question to answer as there is some very pervasive marketing rhetoric out there and a lot of greenwashing (spending more time talking about being green than doing it). 726 more words


Trustworthiness = transparency + openness + approachability

From the very beginning it has been clear that operating as a startup in a field of funding is going to be extremely tough. Credibility and the consequent trustworthiness are issues that we will face for sured. 214 more words


Philippine blue swimming crab at risk

The Philippine blue swimming crab fishery is at risk for several reasons:
1. Overcapacity. There are just too much harvesting than the existing natural population could support; this is manifested by declining catch rates and declining average crab sizes, undermining profitability. 220 more words


Declassified in France: Tricastin nuclear waste buried directly in ground, green-washed with sheep pasture

From Next-Up.org

The mound of radioactive waste from Tricastin of a pile of radioactive waste more than 500 m long containing tons of enriched uranium to military isotope 235 which is directly buried in the ground without confinement of the Basic Nuclear Installation Secret (INBS) Tricastin. 177 more words

Governor Walker unveils new pollution-based tourist industry

“Clean air, drinkable water, diverse habitats, a large variety of species and beautiful scenery have long marred the landscape here in Wisconsin, creating an environment few tourists want to explore” said Governor Walker at a recent press conference. 145 more words