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4 Articles To Think Outside The Box

It is not necessarily outside the box thinking, but rather things that you wouldn’t probably think about when faced with these topics such as cruelty-free cosmetics, sustainability, fiction. 175 more words


Question: What does it all mean? Labels and misinformation 

Welcome to another informative post about labels and misinformation. Of course, I wrote this post to talk about why I don’t want people to say things like, “Happy Skin is 100% chemical free/organic/natural/made from unicorn oil”, but very quickly I realised I was writing in general terms. 4,305 more words

The Scrub Me Down Kitchen

Impermissible Exchange

The door refused to open. It said, “Five cents, please.” –Philip K. Dick (1969)

For some, Jean Baudrillard writes in postmodern twaddle. I recommend reading him first as heady science fiction that suddenly rewards that suspension of disbelief. 1,400 more words

Ecological Resilience

Greenwashing & Common Marketing Labels

Full disclaimer here.

Edit 07/12/17: I’ve deleted most parts of the GMO label. I’ll be researching the topic further and update accordingly! Thank you, Danica, for pointing out my misconceptions. 1,842 more words


Don’t Be a Greenwashing Victim: 6 Key Points to Remember

Pure. Natural. Organic. Green. Clean. Chemical-free. These words make us feel comfort. Chemicals. Non-natural. Synthetic. Man-made. These words make us squirm. But when it comes to choosing a skincare product, is it that easy to differentiate what’s truly safe and effective for you—by looking for these words claimed on a label? 1,098 more words


Greenwashed Gap Years, How To Spot And Avoid Greenwashing On Your Travels.

With sustainable travel becoming increasingly popular, how do you know if the travel choices you make are truly responsible, or if they are just falling victim to a cynical marketing ploy by big business? 1,078 more words

Responsible Travel

Has green gone mainstream?

Here’s some food for thought…….The following commentary blog was posted on the World Design Summit’s ‘Designing the Future’ website –  world design summit taking place over 10 days in Montreal in October, 2017. 585 more words