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When 'going green' isn't really green

This is a short blog post inspired by Unit 8 of the CM8001 course; Impact of Chemistry on Society. Unit 8 is all about plastic and polymers and the content of this lecture has inspired this blog post. 623 more words

What to watch for to avoid GREEN-WASHING

‘’Greenwashing is the use of marketing to portray an organization’s products, activities or policies as environmentally friendly when they are not’’ (Investopia, 2018)

The term, invented at the end of the 90’s, has a lot of relevance in today’s world.

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"Greenwashed" Companies and How to Avoid Them

Let’s talk about greenwashing, shall we? Greenwashing refers to marketing used to portray a company’s processes, policies or products as environmentally friendly when they are not. 2,509 more words


Don't Throw the Plastic Baby Out with the Bathwater

Surfers Against Sewage have unleashed their phenomenally popular ‘plastic free coastlines’ initiative, with Community Leaders signing up all over the country to help make their area ‘plastic free’.  2,788 more words



Greenwashing is unfortunately a growing epidemic that is spreading now that people are starting to become more eco-aware. It is a form of deceptive marketing that companies use to promote their products by basically claiming they are green or eco-friendly on the front of the package, in commercials, etc. 268 more words


5 Article about - Is it Really Ethical?

Is Faux Leather Really Better? – An article about which I have been wanting to write for a long time as well. Very interesting and important to understand! 250 more words