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Sustainability Risk verse Reward

In an ever increasingly competitive marketplace there is more pressure than ever for companies to be more sustainable. It seems that everyone has a commitment to change and become a better corporate citizen, or at least appear as one. 812 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ad Watchdog: These '100% Compostable' Coffee Pods Don't Go In Your Backyard Compost Pile

When you see the word “compostable” on a product label, do you imagine tossing it in your backyard compost pile and calling it a day? It was easy to read the packaging for Kauai coffee pods meant for use in Keurig single-serving brewers that way, but they could only be composted in a few industrial facilities. 268 more words


When Sustainability Becomes a Mere Buzzword


Sustainability. It’s on everyone’s lips. From the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the new campus ASC and UCSA board members. But what is it really, and why is it gaining such traction? 411 more words


Sustainability in Spirits Production

In a recent Facebook thread, sustainability in the spirits industry was the subject of a vigorous discussion. There were a lot of opinions about the “ 231 more words

Widespread Greenwashing in the Beauty Industry Revealed in Soil Association Report

BREAKING NEWS: Widespread greenwashing in the beauty industry revealed in a report by The Soil Association. The charity has worked with an independent toxicologist to identify a list of Terrible Ten ingredients that have been found in uncertified products making organic claims. 48 more words


Fashion as a Facet of Strategic Communication Theory

Fashion isn’t just clothing anymore; with each season come new designs that challenge social norms, political ideology, and the extent that one can express a persona through woven fabric. 822 more words

Beauty And Style