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Greenwashing And The Collective Corporate Opposition to Environmentalism

The greenwashing of products and lifestyles can be seen as an illustration of how corporate strategies attempt to pacify criticism of unethical corporate decision-making strategies. These strategies are intended to divert public attention away from unethical environmental practices and thus seek to legitimize decisions that would otherwise expose corporations to intense public scrutiny. 805 more words

Taking a closer look at ingredients in skincare products

The chemicals in our skincare. We all know they are there, but for most of us, we just use it and don’t really give that much thought about what those words mean, or what those chemicals are, or how they may or may not impact your health. 657 more words


Greenwashed Food Labels vs. The Savvy Consumer

#MUNIonThis: Countless brands are responding to the consumer demand for more healthful food options by “greenwashing”— slapping their products with labels that boast “organic”, “all natural”, “sugar-free”, and the like.

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Person of Interest: Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is the founder of Fruitcycle, a social enterprise that makes delicious, healthy and locally sourced snacks with ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. 495 more words

The real world's magic system

I don’t spend very much time in the office in the course of my job–something I love about it, as the scenery is always different. Case in point: yesterday, three of us spent the entire day bushwhacking around a thirty-acre forest, looking for policeman’s helmet (an invasive  671 more words


The Swedish Cancer Society, a controversial professor and Exponent

In a new article in NewsVoice, Mona Nilsson (scientific journalist) continues to review a controversial professor at KI and Harvard and his affiliations with industry. 90 more words