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The Speed of Light — Arrested Developments

Sometimes We all love to delve in the region of Science and the way it works.. Here Arrested Developments is digging into Google’s Doodle of Speed of Light which is shared here. 738 more words


Merry Christmas!

Christmas cards are starting to arrive here and, while I think it a bit early for such things, a vote would probably find me outnumbered so here’s our Christmas Card to you… from our home to yours. 196 more words

Just Thinking

Halo, Orang Asing!

Selamat datang di blog saya. Kalian lihat, sesuai dengan judulnya, ‘My Own Little World‘, blog ini adalah wadah di mana saya menyalurkan seluruh pemikiran saya ketika saya merasa sangat tidak bebas jika saya menulisnya di akun sosial media saya dikarenakan ketakutan saya untuk mengemukakan pendapat di hadapan manusia-manusia lain. 129 more words


The Speed of Light

The Speed of Light and Google Doodle

When I got to see an interesting doodle pasted on google today the 6th of Dec I was really surprised to know that a complex thing like the Speed of Light has been known to us since 340 years, hence forth I went a little deeper into it and fetch some facts & figures out of it although it is later that I’ve decided to put it before you too.. 665 more words


What to give on Weddings?

Weddings are a special time to celebrate the union of a man and a woman who share love, respect and admiration. The couple has been planning for months for one of the biggest days of their lives and are expecting it to be perfect. 106 more words


Setting up your chatbot

There are some basic settings you need to do on your chatbot, for example, customize the welcome messages. Click on the “Setting” button on the upper left corner of your screen: 210 more words


Alternative Words for 'Friend' in Greetings

I regularly have chats and written conversations with people from all over the world, especially Spanish speakers.

What I’ve noticed in that time is how often I am greeted with… 216 more words