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“Hey there.”




Greeting people in different ways keeps interactions fresh and appealing. Meeting new people is usually followed by some other pleasantries and then it’s down to business. 305 more words


Hace un año, fue justamente hace un año cuando subí el primer post del blog, el 26 de Mayo de 2015, y hoy a esa misma fecha pero del 2016, no puedo creer lo rápido que paso el tiempo. 1,002 more words

Blogger Mexicana


Hello, everyone who reads this!

This should start with a small introduction. I am Roy. A twenty year old man, currently in college, who likes to read manga, light novels, regular novels, anything related to fiction, really, and I also like to watch anime and movies. 199 more words


Palla ni goorim

Roads and travel

Travelling in Ghana is an adventure. In a country that is as big as the UK or a little larger than the state of Minnesota and about 340mi/560km long, travelling from one end to the other should not take long. 581 more words


Photo (vidéo) de la Semaine: Week 9

Asalaa Maalekum, everyone! OH my goodness, I love your country report projects so much! I cannot wait to see them all in person. Thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into these reports – I can see how hard you worked. 760 more words