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good day beautiful people 😊

Ohhh Happy Day Loves 😊  It’s A Blessed Day To Be In Existence…Amen    Y’all Won’t Hear From Me Every Day…Because…Aye…I Chill Sometimes 8-) But I Am Always Around…Praise God 8-) <3… 56 more words


PAPERLESS POST: Experiencing a new breed of e-card

They say that life is full of surprises and great things. And, indeed, you’ve just run into a whole bunch of them. Your sister has just had a baby boy, your friend has got his wedding date finally confirmed and the tinpot dictator of a manager at the office you have had to force yourself to be rictus grin nice to is leaving for a new position. 1,500 more words


Hello and welcome

This is a new journey for me. I am stepping onto new ground. A new adventure. Where it takes me, time alone will tell.

But, a few months ago I needed something to do. 118 more words


great day loves 😊

Great Day Loves…A Lovely Day It Is…Amen 
I Woke Up With Energy…But I Must Have Used It Up Tho…Cuz Now I’m Sleepy  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Hmmm…Maybe I’ll Close My Eyes…N Use The Sleepiness…To Delve Into Some Creativity…  We’ll See…Praise God <3 <3 <3… 6 more words


Greetings - Akwaaba

Greeting in Ghana: Ghanaian Handshake – The West African handshake is used in Ghana, where the middle finger snaps the middle finger of the person you are shaking. 32 more words


grateful rising loves 😊

Blessed Morning Beautiful People…Up N At ‘Em 8-) I Am Gonna Get A Walk In Today N Build Up My Energy Levels…Amen…Cuz I Might Go Dancing Tonight…Or May Just Stand Around N Watch :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Amen… 22 more words