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Batman #42

One of the many questions I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself since Divergence is “What about the Batmobile?”  I mean, it’s not like Jim Gordon is going to need it with that new  358 more words


Review: Batman #42

Time after time Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo completely invalidate skepticism. Sure when I sure the first image of Jim Gordon’s Bat-bot suit, I scoffed and lamented the story as a fickle and cheap sales tactic.   317 more words

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New Beginnings and New Enemies: Batman #42 (Review)

If you missed last month’s review of Batman #41, click here to read it.

“It’ll never stop being strange, will it?”

Batman #1 saw Bruce Wayne narrating the various answers of the “Gotham is…” question from Gothamites including Bruce himself. 1,063 more words


Batman #42 Review

Batman #42

Review by Paul Bowler

Jim Gordon’s new role as Gotham’s nano-carbon-suited Dark Knight continues in Batman #42, as the city recovers from the traumatic events of Endgame. 901 more words


Preview: Batman #42

Jim Gordon continues to try to shake his rookie status as Batman. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have taken a risky step putting someone else behind the Bat-cowl but all may not be what it seems. 6 more words

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Batman Volume 5 Dark city review

Batman Volume 5 Dark city review
Writer Scott Snydor Artist Greg Capullo

Scott Snydor is a writer with big ideas and long tales. When he first started writing Batman, his first story, “Court of Owls” ran for 11 issues. 399 more words

The New Boy Wonders - Establishing Robin in a world without Batman

I don’t envy writers who have to try to separate Robin from Batman. From his very first appearances in the 1940s, Robin’s relationship with Batman has always been characterized as one of a father and his sons. 899 more words