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Comic Review: Reborn #2

Story By: Mark Millar
Art By: Greg Capullo
Cover By: Greg Capullo
Published by: Image Comics

Imagine that when you die you wake up in another world surrounded by your loved ones who have already died. 440 more words


Reborn is a Hit as First Two Issues Go Back to Print

Image Comics has fast-tracked the first two issues of the breakout hit series from Mark Millar and Greg Capullo for more printings in order to keep up with the skyrocketing customer demand. 143 more words


Review: Reborn #2

In Reborn #2, we get a deeper look at the world where people go when they die. It is much like Heaven and Hell, or in this book, Adystria and the Dark Lands. 615 more words


Reborn 1 (October 2016)

Highly derivative fantasy sci-fi afterlife tripe. An older woman dies and discovers she’s Amethyst, Reborn in a Terminator/LOTR knock-off fantasy world. Capullo’s dragon and dropship art is stronger than his people. 37 more words


Are there Dragons in Heaven? Reborn #1 Review

Reborn #1 written by Mark Millar with art by Greg Capullo

Rating: 10/10

I haven’t read anything from Millar since Civil War (if you haven’t read that, go out and buy the trade) and I was expecting this to be good just from what I’ve seen from the hype on the Internet. 176 more words

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Brain Feeding: Batman VOL 7: Endgame

Roll up, roll up, shake loose that frown, read this epic showdown ‘tween bat & clown

Tom Harris, October 2016


As pulsating a graphic novel as I have encountered, as Synder and Capullo’s New52 series from the world of DC, reaches a brave, new tipping point in their brilliant evolutionary take on the darkest of all knights.

95 more words
Brain Feeding

The Weekly Haul - Week of October 19, 2016

This was another simple, light-ish week overall, for me.

Snagged the new Superman issue, as well as the first issue of Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye… 139 more words