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Reborn #3

The third issue of this series introduces us to the more darker elements of…the Dark Lands. We also find out that Bonnie’s strengths are growing. We see that the Faeries were indirectly involved with Bonnie and her father being captured and being sent to Il Mago. 187 more words


Reborn #2

CaM struck a home run with the second issue. More of my questions were answered and why Bonnie came to Adystria is established. We meet more (but not) all of the important characters and people I wondered about. 637 more words


Reborn #1

I admit that I only picked up this series because of Greg Capullo’s pencils. The man is a comics super star. His work goes back to the 90s. 813 more words


Scott Snyder Teases His Big Event With Capullo

In an interview with CBR, Snyder gave very vague details on the upcoming event that him and Capullo will be working on for DC. As of right now, the things we do know is that it will be Batman and that the layout of it will be “very rock n’ roll.’ Snyder told CBR that it has a name, but cannot reveal it. 341 more words


CAPULLO Signs New Contract With DC COMICS!

Article written by: Jay Christoph

In lieu of his collaboration with Mark Millar and Image Comics on Reborn, Greg Capullo has signed a new contract with DC Comics and is set to return to action with his tag-team partner: Scott Snyder; The two will be working on a DC Rebirth Event book that will launch in 2017 and will go on throughout the summer! 74 more words


Reborn is Sent Back to Press

Image Comics has announced that multiple issues of the hot new series Reborn by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo have been fast-tracked for subsequent printings in order to keep up with rapid growth in customer demand. 154 more words


Reborn #3 Review + Kaskade x deadmau5

RELEASE DATE 12/14/2016
WRITER Mark Millar
Greg Capullo on the PENCILS
Jonathan INKS Glapion

Reborn is still on the fast track to becoming the new ongoing comic king and issue 3 brings it even closer. 456 more words

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