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Could Trump Be Right On Trade?

May 6, 2018

by Steve Stofka

On Tuesday morning I had an epiphany. Some background first. I disagree with Donald Trump about many things. One of them is his fundamental tenet of international trade: it creates winners and losers. 1,100 more words

Utopia and healthcare—2

The dystopia of the American healthcare system certainly invites a utopian response—a ruthless criticism as well as a vision of an alternative.

As I showed… 660 more words

The Top 1% Controversy and False Dilemma

There is an ongoing debate as to whether governments should increase taxes on the top 1% of the population and redistribute their wealth. On one extreme there is the argument by Harvard professor Greg Mankiw and his defense of the top 1%. 1,182 more words

Philosophy Of Economics

Carried Interest and Your Private Sweat Equity

Suppose your rich uncle buys an old house to do some fix-ups and hopes to resell it at a gain. He has the cash and is willing to split the profit 50-50 if you’re willing to handle a few restorations over the next year. 1,159 more words


Will reducing the corporate tax rate actually lead to increased wages?

Democrats and others are claiming that the proposed Republican tax package’s reduction in the corporate tax rate is a sham and a ruse to benefit the one percent. 264 more words