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Video: “The Best Democracy Money Can But” w/ Greg Palast

Greg Palast sits down with Sean Stone to discuss his new film, “The Best Money Democracy Can Buy.” 122 more words


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GOP's stealth war on voters (Video)

For Rolling Stone, gonzo investigative reporter Greg Palast uncovers the GOP plan to steal the votes of a million voters. From the investigations for the feature documentary, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a tale of billionaires & ballot bandits, out in September. 15 more words


"Donald Trump is right—the election is rigged. He should know, it's his buddies who are rigging it"

The GOP’s secret war on voters

Donald Trump is right—the election is rigged. He should know, it’s his buddies who are rigging it.

Rolling Stone has unearthed a confidential list of voters who are marked to be purged, up to a million at risk by November. 237 more words


The Green Party Convention: Houston, 2016

The Green Party held its convention in Houston August 4-7, 2016 and the Pacifica Network was there to cover the event, including 4 hours of live coverage carried by all 5 network stations (KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI, WBFW) and many affiliates. 652 more words

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There Are Alternatives

Neoliberalism is like a religious cult, with dogma to be upheld, apostates to cast out, and fervent belief in place of critical thinking. Margaret Thatcher well articulated the inflexibility of neoliberalism when she insisted that– 768 more words


One Million Votes Never Counted in California

Uncounted: The True Story of the California Primary

Directed by Michelle Boley and Taylor Giel (2016)

Film Review

Uncounted is about the nearly one million California voters whose votes weren’t counted in the California primary. 282 more words

Attacks On The Working Class