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Election 2016 endgame: reflections

I have been concerned for years about the rigging of election results, including—but not limited to—voting machine tampering.   That is why I am in favor of an audit and/or recount in the current Presidential election. 489 more words


Did the GOP Rig the Election, Is Trump a Pawn and Is He Being Set Up...?

Given that I covered the electoral fraud at the DNC earlier this year and also predicted probable vote-rigging for Hillary in the presidential election, I would be remiss not to mention this. 1,543 more words

Who Voted and Who Couldn't--Don't Blame Jill Stein by Drew Robert Winter

Dandelion Salad

Updated: November 16, 2016

by Drew Robert Winter
November 15, 2016

IN THE wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and many of its supporters seem intent on blaming their loss on everybody but themselves and their candidate. 1,369 more words

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2016 Stolen Election

The usual election experts I check weren’t saying the election was stolen right away… Bev Harris I understand thinks Hillary tried to rig it, but it wasn’t close enough so it would have been too obvious I think something along those lines… But then I came across… 179 more words

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The Election was Stolen – Here’s How…

By Greg Palast/ gregpalast.com/ November 11, 2016

Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states. 1,157 more words


did the Republicans steal the election? Greg Palast and Mark Crispin Miller present proof they did...

Donald Trump warned the world of election fraud throughout his campaign. Here’s what he said during an interview on Fox News on the actual day of the election: 1,022 more words


The Best Democracy Money Can Buy — Watch it for FREE until 2AM on Election Night | Greg Palast

Greg Palast’ shtick is dressing like an old-time PI (the hat!). But don’t be fooled, he’s a serious investigative reporter. Watch his new documentary, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy… 62 more words