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MyBookLook: Simply Open by Greg Paul

“The goal, and the path itself, is simply openness – that you and I might become as open as possible to our Creator, Lover, Redeemer, and Friend, to ourselves, and to other people.”

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Sensual Prayer: a book review

The spiritual life is opening ourselves to God. Writers on prayer and contemplatives have urged us to tune our beings to God, to kneel in his presence and receive good things from him. 806 more words


Preparatory Reading for Mission Day at Sanctuary

“Actual material homelessness is a rising problem in the Western world. In some cities homeless people are policed into one area, and in other they are policed into hiding, but it is never difficult to find the mysterious figures with tatty beards and haunted eyes, wearing multiple layers of ragged clothing, and huddling beneath bridges, in doorways, on subway grates, and around fires lit in steel drums, in lean-tos of cardboard and plastic sheeting. 239 more words

"Goblin Universe" is a Hit!

The reviews are coming in – and “Goblin Universe” is getting great praise. Check out Craig Nolan Highley’s review at arts-louisville.com, and come meet “Goblin” playwright Greg Paul at tonight’s performance! 14 more words

Meet Greg Paul, writer of "Goblin Universe" in the Second Annual Inhuman:a Festival

As we draw nearer to opening night of the second annual Inhuman:a Festival of New American Undead Theater, we’re going to meet the people behind the plays. 1,340 more words

Religion, Wealth, and BIAS

I read this article today on the faithful Canadian news website,¬†CBC.ca. It’s called¬†Do countries lose religion as they gain wealth?

Funny you should ask, CBC. 613 more words