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My #Borrowathon TBR

#Borrowathon, Round 4 is starting tonight at midnight and I am planning to take part. I say planning because I actually have a lot of books to read for review at the moment as well as having some out of the library! 208 more words


Wolverine #1: Brotherhood

At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt like an outsider observing lives more interesting and dynamic than our own. This sense that our story isn’t really our own is something that tends to fade with youth, as we become more confident in ourselves and our identities. 1,513 more words


Wonder Pride

In honor of Pride Month, I thought I’d share my story. This was originally published on Facebook.

I usually don’t talk about this, but here goes. 669 more words

Lazarus 27: Discussion

By Spencer Irwin and Ryan Desaulniers

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Spencer: An interlude is meant to be a break, a diversion, something different from the norm. 1,696 more words

Spencer Irwin

Lazarus #27 (April 2018)

Lazarus is back. It hasn’t been entirely gone, but the regular series has been on hiatus for a bit. And now it’s back.

And it’s not exactly… 219 more words


Comic Report: 4/18/2018

Action comics #1000 Review:

Action Comics, the title that premiered the world’s first superhero back in 1938, has hit a major milestone this week with its one thousandth issue.  863 more words

Marvel Comics

Wonder Woman (Rebirth, Vol. 4): Godwatch

Veronica Cale, leader of Godwatch, is definitely not a Wonder Woman fan. She’s watched Diana on the news, read about her in the papers, and thinks she is a sham. 245 more words