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Detective 865 - how Jeremiah Arkham became Black Mask, and the Question ends

David Hine and Jeremy Haun conclude the look at Jeremiah Arkham in Detective 865 (July 2010).

Jeremiah’s three special patients never existed at all.  They were all hallucinations, which is quite staggering, considering the elaborate back stories they were given in earlier tales.  332 more words

DC Comics

Detective 864 - Batman returns, and the Question and the Huntress face Vandal Savage

Bruce Wayne is back, and Batman returns as the lead feature in Detective Comics 864 (June 2010), in a story by David Hine, Jeremy Haun and John Lucas. 287 more words

DC Comics

Detective 860 - suspicions confirmed, and the Question teams with the Huntress

Batwoman’s origin storyline concludes in Detective 860 (Feb. 10), by Rucka and Williams III.

Kate has been operating as a vigilante, but without any costume or even a clear goal.  185 more words

DC Comics

Detective 859 - Kate meets Renee, and the Question needs an ally

Rucka and Williams III continue with the origin of Batwoman in Detective 859 (Jan. 10).

This issue is almost entirely flashbacks scenes, although Batwoman does have an encounter with Abbot, in which he confirms that the Crime Bible prophecy about the “twice-named daughter of Cain” was interpreted by them to mean twin girls, and they knew that Alice was her sister. 223 more words

DC Comics

Detective 858 - Batwoman's twin sister, and the Question unloads a ship

Rucka and Williams III begin a three-part story that goes into the background of Kate Kane, as we learn more about what drove her to become Batwoman. 258 more words

DC Comics

Detective 857 - Batwoman jumps, and the Question chats

Batwoman’s first fight with Alice concludes in Detective 857 (Nov. 09), by Rucka and Williams III.

Abbot lets Kate know that Alice has plans to bring an end to Gotham, with chemical warfare.  201 more words

DC Comics

Detective 856 - Batwoman runs with the wolves, and the Question won't be unmasked

Batwoman continues in Detective 856 (Oct. 09), by Rucka and Williams III.

Some of the art by Williams is just so amazing.  In fact, I find the art at times overshadows the story, but that’s about my only critique of it.  242 more words

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