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Wonder Woman #5

Writer: Greg Rucka | Artist: Liam Sharp

The present day arc, “The Lies,” continues, and the methodical (but never boring) pace is finally starting to roll with some serious momentum. 271 more words

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Wonder Woman #5 Review: The Slow Burn Continues, The "Lies" Remain Far Off

Wonder Woman has been a creative stand out in DC’s “Rebirth” initiative and is selling extremely well, at levels the book hasn’t hit in decades. Over the course of the “Rebirth” special and the initial four issues, the series has largely lived up to the hype of writer Greg Rucka’s return, but… 1,085 more words

Wonder Woman

Comic Reviews: Lake of Fire and Wonder Woman!


Lake of Fire #1 (Image Comics)

Once again, Image Comics has been putting out a seemingly endless stream of new first issues. Thanks to their new Image Plus magazine, there’s less of a risk involved in plunking down your hard earned cash if you’re curious about checking a new series out. 928 more words

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Wonder Woman #5 Preview: Off To Rescue Steve. Again.

Wonder Woman saving Steve Trevor is a plotline as old as Wonder Woman herself. It’s how her first ever issue started after all, with Steve crashing his plane on Paradise Island and Diana rushing over to rescue him. 293 more words

Wonder Woman

Preview: Wonder Woman #4

Wonder Woman #4

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Nicola Scott
Cover by: Nicola Scott
Variant cover by: Frank Cho

“Wonder Woman Year One” part two! 68 more words


Wonder Woman #4 Review: This Comic Is So Dang Good I Want To Hug It

Wonder Woman #4 is pretty much perfect. Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott retell a key moment of Diana’s history, the tournament that leads to her becoming Wonder Woman, and it’s iconic while making a few key changes to the classic narrative that add a lot to the story. 1,060 more words

Wonder Woman