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The Relationship Between Science and Religion

One of my favorite features of my Catholic faith is its relationship with science. Many say science and religion don’t belong together. I get it. Some attempts to bring them together are downright embarrassing. 2,333 more words


Charles Darwin and the Unread Letter

Perhaps it’s just my personal allegiance to cynicism, but I think tragic love stories where the quintessential two characters of interest – often a man and woman – don’t end up in an ideal romantic relationship deserve greater literary and popular merit. 1,306 more words


Science in the Bible - Pigs with Wings?

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When pigs fly!
Have you ever heard someone express their opinion about some unlikely event with those words? Such a statement is based on a firm belief that pigs will never fly. 962 more words


Get Fit or Get Out in seven steps

Robusta does not ignite inspiration.

Blogadda requests us write an advertisement for a fitness center. We get the week end to write it. Blogadda is also specific that we write about features, how it will help people who join what’s in for different ages, wow there is membership drive on. 785 more words

Write Over Weekend.

Get My Good Side, Will Ya?

People say I look like my dad a lot. Yet others say that I look like my mom. So I’d like think I got the best of both my mom and my dad. 385 more words


how evolution was proved to be true

The origin of species is a natural phenomenon

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

The origin of species is an object of inquiry

Charles Darwin

The origin of species is an object of experimental investigation…

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