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Gregor Mendel – the Father of Genetics

The title “Father of Genetics” can be attributed to Gregor Mendel in two capacities: he laid the groundwork for the new discipline of Genetics and he was an ordained priest and Augustinian monk – therefore, he was called “Father”, like all priests. 1,131 more words


Genetics: the science of heredity

Biology Of Heredity (Genetics)-Transmission And Expression Of Characteristics In Organisms

A) Hereditary Variations: Characters that can be transferred from parents to offsprings-from generation to generation like skin colour, eye and hair, blood group, sickle cell, shape of face and nose… 1,860 more words


"Seed to Kitchen" at University of Wisconsin-Madison

I was excited to stumble across the “Seed to Kitchen” initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which teams up agricultural scientists with local chefs and food-lovers to create and study healthy, tasty vegetables. 225 more words


Good Responses to Our Mendel Work

Dan Fairbanks, the instigator behind our Darwinized translation of Gregor Mendel’s famous paper on hybridity in plants, is currently in Brno, Czech Republic, where Mendel worked in his monastery. 519 more words

Mendel's tools

Many years ago, I wrote an essay called “The Tool Box”; it’s included in my book, Red Laredo Boots. In it, I looked at a box John’s grandfather had made in England for John’s father Ben when the family emigrated to Canada in 1953. 631 more words

Mendel's Peas: A new translation

Yesterday the journal Genetics published our article about Mendel’s reading of Darwin’s Origin of Species in a German translation and his use of some of the ideas in his report on his experiments with hybridity in peas. 54 more words

Historical Misconceptions - WABAC Into History

“Let’s go back  and set the record straight at some crucial points in history, starting with the American Revolution, Sherman My Boy.”

Historical Myths

and Misconceptions… 2,057 more words