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Gonna have to freshen up on my Czech. I love reading about Mendel.

The Case of the Missing Mendel Manuscript

Ever since learning about my own DNA, I have become fascinated with genetics, particularly the human kind. That fascination extends to… 61 more words


Science in the Bible - Don't Marry Kin

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Early in human history men married sisters, nieces, and close relatives. At the very beginning of history, there was no one else to marry. 1,125 more words


The importance of sound Biblical interpretation

Many Christians in the West are burdened with the unfortunate stereotype that all Christians assume the theory of evolution is wrong because it is incompatible with the Bible. 549 more words

Catholic Philosophy

Figuring Out the Origin of Things

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” (Margaret Mead)

Have you ever wondered how the human race can be so alike but at the same time there’s only one like you? 1,694 more words

Gregor Mendel – the Father of Genetics

The title “Father of Genetics” can be attributed to Gregor Mendel in two capacities: he laid the groundwork for the new discipline of Genetics and he was an ordained priest and Augustinian monk – therefore, he was called “Father”, like all priests. 1,131 more words


"Break the ice" getting acquainted or moving ahead

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The idiom “break the ice” has two uses.

If you meet someone for the first time and try to start or… 213 more words

English Idiom

Genetics: the science of heredity

Biology Of Heredity (Genetics)-Transmission And Expression Of Characteristics In Organisms

A) Hereditary Variations: Characters that can be transferred from parents to offsprings-from generation to generation like skin colour, eye and hair, blood group, sickle cell, shape of face and nose… 1,860 more words