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Gregor Mendel and Genetics

Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics and this is where you will learn everything about his life, his researches and discoveries. This is also a place where you will learn everything you want to know about genetics. 6 more words


My Little Sweet Pea

The minute I saw Sadie, I knew she had potential.  Though she was only four months old, she carried herself like an adult German Shepherd.  As I watched her walk, I could see the authentic Shepherd stance and the… 744 more words

Dog Traits

The art of guessing

How does the outstanding scientist come to propose such a decisive axiom, while less imaginative minds go on tinkering with the old system? How did Gregor Mendel leap to conceive the statistical axioms of genetics?

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Mendelian miracle in the garden

Imagine this. His name was not Gregor. It was Johann, the name his parents had given him. The Mendels were farmers who wanted their son to take over their farm. 1,470 more words


Immortalizing the Greats - Mount Beermore

I know there wasn’t a lot of exciting stuff going on in South Dakota in 1927, but I’m amazed that someone let Gutzon Borglum climb up on Mount Rushmore and start dynamiting whatever he felt like in the name of art. 998 more words


"The Monk in the Garden" by Robin Marantz Henig

Title: The Monk in the Garden
Author: Robin Marantz Henig
ISBN: 9780618127412
Pages: 304
Release date: May 2001
Publisher: Mariner
Genre: Narrative nonfiction/biography
Format: Paperback… 642 more words

Book Reviews

Epigenetics and Ideology

by Shea Robison (@EpigeneticsGuy)

In a previous paper I discuss at length the more immediate practical political implications of epigenetics via its impact on the two dominant causal narratives in obesity policy: the salience of individual responsibility versus the influence of environmental or institutional factors. 1,965 more words