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Inspirational Scientists - Francis Crick (1916–2004) James Watson (1928 - preset), Maurice Wilkins (1916–2004), and Rosalind Franklin (1920 - 1958)

Francis Crick, James Watson, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin took Gregor Mendel’s work with peas to a new level of genetic understanding.  They were the first people to have strong enough microscopes to throughly study the molecules of DNA and RNA.  191 more words

Inspirational Scientists - Gregor Mendel - September 15, 2016


Gregor Mendel is famous for several reasons. Most elementary school children learn about his pea experiments.  His observations and notes documented years of research in the genetics of pea plants. 162 more words

Famous Scientists Who Believed in God - Part 10 - Gregor Mendel

 Gregor Mendel (1822-1884)

Mendel was the first to lay the mathematical foundations of genetics, in what came to be called “Mendelianism“. He began his research in 1856 (three years before Darwin published his Origin of Species) in the garden of the Monastery in which he was a monk. 139 more words


Simon Mawer's Mendel's Dwarf: Event Review

A report by Robert Lloyd on the fifth BookTalk of the 2015/16 season, which took place on 3 May 2016: Simon Mawer’s Mendel’s Dwarf 1,250 more words

Innovation through Synthesis: the Methodology of Gregor Mendel

I wrote this essay for entry earlier this year for entry to the Galton Institute’s Mendel Essay Prize 2016, an essay competition open to British and Irish A-Level Students to write on Gregor Mendel and his legacy. 1,148 more words

But it was Mendel’s Dwarf that saw him come into his own as a writer. A dozen years on, his voice still lifts when he talks about it.

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Mendel’s Dwarf is an unusual piece. It’s a work of science fiction in the strict sense, but without any of the familiar traits of the genre.

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