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The Reason, Process, and Meanings behind Gregor’s Transformation in the Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis presents a story about a man’s alienation from his family: Gregor, working arduously for his family, suddenly turns into a bug, and progressively gets abandoned by his parents and sister. 581 more words


Work in Progress: Start of Digital Portrait Painting #4

***Work in Progress ***- Just first bunch of work in progress pics. ^___^

Starting on Digital portrait painting #4, I  only made a start on this late last night, surprised at my progress so far, I think I might be getting faster at painting…. 30 more words

Interview: Gregor of UR on "Hail Death", Ignoring Genre, and Song Economy

Hail Death was a late 2016 punch to the face courtesy of Polish metal warriors UR. Building on a solid modern black metal foundation, the trio moves through death metal, thrash and even some elements of punk and goth to deliver a sharp, concise record that stood out as a great debut in a year chock full of amazing releases. 1,441 more words

Black Metal

Gregor and The Prophecy of Bane - Suzanne Collins Review

This is the second book of the series  The Chronicles of the Underground by Suzanne Collins. It’s a new adventure to Gregor and his sister. 189 more words

Underland Reviews: Gregor the Overlander (chapters 22-24)

Chapter 22

So, Henry was about to stab Ripred in his sleep, but Ripred wakes up right on time.

In the split second Henry drove the blade down, Ripred flipped onto his back and slashed his terrible claws.

2,415 more words

Underland Reviews: Gregor the Overlander (chapters 19-21)

Chapter 19

So, the rat. Whose name is Ripred.

Ripred is the favorite character of almost everyone who has read these books, and if he’s not their… 1,901 more words


Underland Rewiews: Gregor the Overlander

Chapter 16

Gregor’s finds the spiders, but they’re not exactly open to talking with him, no matter how much he yells at them. They actually seem pretty intent on eating him until he mentions Vikus’ name. 1,064 more words